Own It – Tomorrow!

Hey, Reader!

Tomorrow, C. Monet returns with “Own It” and we have one final sneak peek available for you!



“You never texted me back,” I heard as the men started to scatter like roaches. Looking around, all the damn visitors went ghost. Only Risha and Dee were left in the pool and looking directly at me with wondering eyes. I shrugged back at them as if I didn’t know what happened.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know I had to,” I replied removing my sunglasses and hat. I tried to keep my stoned face, but I couldn’t as his bottom lip got trapped between his gold teeth. I hadn’t noticed them earlier but now that I had time and a few drinks in me I was noticing a lot that I hadn’t before. His strong hands, even stronger shoulders, and all the gold chains that adorned his neck. He was definitely one fine ass nigga.

“Damn right, or did I scare you?” he asked with his thick eye brow raised. Yes! I wanted to scream but again I had liquid courage, so I sat still looking him dead in his brown eyes and smirked. I was stepping up to the challenge. He wanted me, and I damn sure wanted him. I had no idea what that would mean and after a few rum punches I didn’t give a damn.

“How can you make my trip worth it, Raakesh?”

He smiled and licked his plump lips and grabbed my hand.

Massaging my hand, I moaned, “Hhm.”

Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the gesture. The girls were still looking, and I knew I would soon be answering questions. But for the moment, I would enjoy my long-distance lovers’ hand anywhere on my body. The hands were fine for now, but soon, I wanted them all over. Lost in the feeling of him beside me, I felt my hand land on his lap. Gasping at the size, I snatched my hand back and looked up at him with wide eyes.

“That’s how I can make your trip worth it. Let me be your tour guide.”

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