The Light of Christmas – TOMORROW!

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, S. Revêr returns with “The Light of Christmas” and we have one final sneak peek for you.



Have you ever met someone who hated Christmas so much he could be classified as the modern day Grinch?

Meet Nolan Scott, a successful owner of a multi-million dollar marketing firm. Every year his company throws their annual Christmas Gala in honor of his parents who were killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve five years ago. With the hurt, pain, and guilt weighing down on him, the once bright eyed Nolan is no more. Tired of this never ending cycle, his best friend Jeremiah decides to put an end to it all. Finding the perfect person he thought would bring the light back to Nolan’s life, he hires the co-owner of J&J Designs.

Jehlani Wilson loves everything Christmas. With one goal in mind, she sets her sights on nailing the perfect Christmas Gala for J&J Designs. Only problem, Nolan Scott. With her eyes set on a new challenge, Jehlani puts together a plan to kill two birds with one stone.

Will Nolan finally let go of the hurt and commit to the promise he made his mom? Or will he allow it to continue to control him and potentially miss out on something truly special?

Take this journey as we find out if Jehlani can bring the light of Christmas back into Nolan’s life.


Nolan reached forward and pulled me into him. Thinking he was going to kiss me I closed my eyes and puckered my lips. Only to be disappointed when he placed a kiss on my forehead.

“I’m fine driving myself, Nolan.” Pulling away from him, I tried to get in my car but I was lifted off of the ground and thrown over Nolan’s shoulder.

“Sunshine, I’m not doing this with you tonight.” He placed me down on the ground in front of my passenger side door and opened it.

As he motioned for me to get in, I sat there and stared. Frustrated, Nolan picked me up bridal style and placed me inside of the car.

Get ready to one click!


The authors of BLP.


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