Mistletoe Meltdown – tomorrow!

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, Aubreé Pynn makes her BLP debut with the perfect Christmas Eve read!



They’ve been best friends since grade school. Now that they’re off in college and away from one another, a lot has changed. Jaxon Jones is a senior at FAMU and is ready for one last Christmas celebration before graduation. He is dominating campus life to include the basketball courts and all the girls flocking around him. No matter how many girls want his attention, he always makes time for Kinsley.

Kinsley Barrett is wrapping up her final year at Clark-Atlanta University. Her laid back demeanor often has her overlooked and missing out on campus fun. She has one task over the break, hold it together. Kinsley has to deal with the aftermath of a rash decision made in the heat of the moment. Not to mention her bubbling feelings for Jaxon.

With Jaxon, Kinsley, and her secret feelings spending five days together, something is bound to hit the fan. When Jaxon shows up to Christmas dinner with his new girlfriend all bets are off and all of Kinsley’s truths are laid bare. That is all except for one.

Will Jaxon and Kinsley make it through this rough patch with their friendship intact or will everything that they know change?

*Please note: This is a prequel novella to a full-length standalone that will be released soon!


Kinsley and I were pretty much inseparable and everyone knew it. She was the only person I’d ever come in contact with that knew everything about me. There were things my mother didn’t even know about me that Kinsley knew. We’d been like this since we were in the fourth grade. She was there when my pops died, even when mom took me down to Tallahassee for school. Even if I ransacked my brain there was never a time that Kinsley wasn’t there for me. I loved her for that.

Get ready to one click!


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