Something about his Love – tomorrow!

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, Lex. C. returns with “Something about his Love” and we have one final sneak peek for you.



“You’re cute when you’re tipsy, Giana Belle.” That smooth, baritone in my ear sent chills up my spine and my teeth were clamping down on my bottom lip before our eyes even met. Colt leaned against the bar, filling the space between me and the next empty stool and that tantalizing effect he had on me started taking over me. When he placed one hand on my knee, he sent tingles all over me.

“Well, hello there, handsome.” I pulled him closer to me, mouthing the words, “It’s me and you and we makin’ arrangements,” and he smiled wide. His eyes were just as hooded and desirous as mine felt. There was a hunger in them for me that sent an orgasmic wave through my body I instantly craved more of. He started sweeping his thumb back and forth across the sensitive skin of my inner thigh, staring me down with those big dark eyes of his at the same time.

I swayed my body, boldly taking my fingers and running them through his curly cut like I’d been dying to for weeks. His hair was just as soft as I imagined.

His body responded to my touch with ease, just as I feared. Ownership was in the air, just for him and I. My body wanted to belong to his, yearning for the same thing in return. He licked those juicy dark pink lips and zeroed in on mine. I wanted his lips on me just as much as I wanted to put mine on him.

Whew, Chile. Get ready to one click!


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