On my way to you – TOMORROW!

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, Monica Walters returns with “On my Way to You” and we have one final sneak peek for you.



I held Shelby in my arms as we slept or rather as she slept.  My body was tripping.  With all that had happened lately, my body seemed to have caught amnesia and not remember who the fuck sleep was.  Sheppard was snoring lightly, but he hadn’t been sleeping well either.  I eased out of the bed and went toward the balcony, just as his phone started to vibrate.  I frowned slightly.  It was midnight.  Who was calling him this time of night?  Well, in Cali it was only nine, so I told myself to stop trippin’.

Sheppard didn’t move to answer it, so I looked at the caller ID and saw ‘Aaliyah’.  That was the chick that had called him when I was inquiring about renting the apartment in South Gate.  She was about to make the hood in me rise real quick.  The phone stopped ringing, then started again.  I grabbed it from the night stand and answered softly, “Hello?”

“Ummm, may I speak to Shep?”

“Sheppard is asleep.  May I ask who’s calling?”

“Who is this?”

“This is the woman who’s asking nicely for you to identify yourself,” I said calmly, although I knew her name.

“My name is Aaliyah.”

“My name is Keisha.  What do you need with Sheppard?”

She huffed.  I wanted to go through the phone on that bitch.  “Look.  I don’t have time to entertain you.  Tell Shep to call me.”

“Hell fucking no.  This is his woman, and he won’t ever be contacting you.  So, gon’ head and delete his number.”

“I’ll wait until I talk to him before I do all that.”

I chuckled, but wasn’t shit funny.  “This how this shit gon’ go.  You won’t get a chance to talk to Sheppard.  That’s my dick now.  You got that?” I asked as I turned to see Sheppard staring at me.

Fuck.  “Keke, who you talking to?”

“Aaliyah.  Would you like to reiterate what I just said to her?”  I asked, holding the phone out to him.

“Nah, baby.  If you already handled it, ain’t no need in me saying that shit all over again.”

“I guess you heard him.  Bye bitch.”

I ended the call, then blocked her number while he shook his head.  “What you shaking your head for, Shep?”

“That hood done come out’chu, Keke.  Let me find out you clockin’ bitches.”

Get ready to one click!


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