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First – 1/1 – Just Love Me – Shenaé Hailey



Hailey Owens’ life path was planned perfectly. From her college choice down to the flowers she’d have on her wedding day and what she’d name her children. With just a few days left before her thirtieth birthday, Hailey is in a sour mood. Her perfectly planned path has been horribly shattered by fate. Not only is she divorced, but she doesn’t have any children, and she hasn’t put her degree to use since she received it.

Kane Travis has never been one to force anything. He’s preferred going with the flow to avoid disappointment. Right after his thirtieth birthday, Kane finds himself taking inventory of all that he’s accomplished in life. He doesn’t regret much that he’s missed out on because of his laid-back attitude, but there is one thing he’s consistently regretted – not pursuing Hailey as actively as he desired to.

Ten years ago, Kane and Hailey met and instantly clicked. Because of Hailey’s strict plans for her life, she refused to entertain the thought of settling down with any man before finishing college. With Kane believing in things happening in their own timing, he offered what they considered to be the perfect solution – meeting up for Hailey’s thirtieth birthday if they’re both still single. There’s just one problem – life has changed them both… and neither can say if it’s for the better.

Two old friends, one cabin, and zero chances of their lives not being changed. Will their old flame reignite and burn more passionately than it ever has, or will reconnecting be as impossible as capturing scattered ashes?

Sneak Peek


“So you’re not going to start your practice?” he interrupted, taking a step towards me.

Shaking my head, I checked the time on my phone. This was not a conversation I wanted to have with him or anyone else. How was I going to help others work through their problems and heal when I couldn’t even heal myself?

“Where are you going to stay, Hailey? You can’t stay here.”

I returned my eyes to his, and before I could stop, “I can stay with you,” from falling out, I’d already said it, regretting it immediately when he chuckled and shook his head.

“I’ve set myself up for failure with you twice already. I won’t do it again.” Twice? So he was counting our glorious six weeks together as a failure? Well! “I can put you up somewhere…”

“I don’t need your money,” I informed him quickly, walking past him to exit the room and go back downstairs, “I have more than enough to take care of myself. I wanted to stay with you for a specific reason.”

Didn’t plan on telling him that reason or even saying it out loud, but I also didn’t want him thinking he was a last resort that I was taking because I didn’t have enough money to take care of myself.

“What’s the reason?” he inquired, following me down the stairs. The quicker I walked the quicker he walked, and by the time I made it to the last step he was grabbing my arm and turning me to face him, “Convenient dick? That’s all you need from a man at this point, right?”

Jerking my arm away from him almost had me slipping off the bottom step, but Kane grabbed me, lifted me off the step, and placed me on the carpeted floor before I could even exhale. For a second, the act had me forgetting I was supposed to be insulted by his last remark, but that faded away as soon as his arm unwrapped from around me.

“No, asshole. I wanted to come and stay with you because…”

Find out Tuesday!

Second – 1/2 – A Whisper Of the Heart – ASH LEY



For an engaged Whisper Sutton, what should be considered the happiest time in her life quickly changes. There’s the successful and charming love of her life along with promises of a bright future.

With feet that are colder than ice about the upcoming nuptials, Whisper finds herself second guessing such an important decision. The heart wants what it wants, but as old and new feelings begin to surface, it leaves her unsure of exactly what that might be.

In this novella, secrets will be revealed, and emotions will be at an all-time high as Whisper struggles with coming to terms with not only the desires of her heart but her needs as well. Will it be the fairytale she so desperately wants to come true, or will a new journey unfold for her?

Please note: This is part one of a two part series.

Sneak Peek

“Hey there, Whisper. What brings you by?”
“Just wanted to speak with that fiancé of mine. He’s not too busy right now, is he?”
Now Whisper wasn’t the type to go around tossing around the fact she was engaged. Not when her relationship was far from perfect. But with women like Karla that she didn’t too much trust around him, she had to make the extent of their bond known.
It was only there for a split second, but she watched the way Karla’s eyes narrowed from the way Beckham had been referred. Even if Beckham had never cheated a day in the relationship, Whisper would’ve always felt like something was going on between the two of them simply because of how she acted. One would’ve thought Whisper was coming to see Karla’s man and not hers from the cold and callous attitude she had.
“As a matter of fact, he is. Meetings all day.”
“I understand. Could you please let him know I’m here?”
“You want me to pull him away from his work so y’all can socialize? I think we both know he won’t be too thrilled about that.”
How do you know what he will or won’t be thrilled about? Whisper thought.
“It’s kind of important. I’ll just be a second.”
“I don’t doubt that it’s important, Whisper. But it’s also not an emergency. That’s the only reason I’m allowed to pull him. You can understand that, right?”
The more she spoke the more frustrated Whisper became. She could’ve completely disregarded Karla and her shenanigans, but if Beckham really was in a meeting, she didn’t want to interrupt him. She also wasn’t about to continue asking Karla to give her a single thing. Not when a few people had stopped and began to stare. Neither of the lady’s voices were loud or even aggressive but the tension was obvious.
“I don’t mind waiting. They have to come out sometime, right?”
“That’s true but that could be a while. I’d hate to see you sitting around waiting. Especially when you look so dolled up. I love the lip color by the way.”
She was taunting her at this point. She wanted Whisper to be discouraged and above all else embarrassed. As much as she hated to admit it, Karla succeeded. There was no need in her trying to keep going back and forth. Karla knew and was smiling, reveling in her petty victory.

Final – 1/4 – My Love For You – Aubreé Pynn



Jaxon is back home after a year to celebrate the holidays with his family. With a year full of success and wealth, there’s only one thing he wants more than his freedom, Kinsley. With all communication ceasing between the two, he longs for that old thing back. Once he lays eyes on her all beats are off, and Jaxon stops at nothing to get his best friend back.

Kinsley is struggling as a new mother and business woman. With her entire life centering around making sure her son is taken care of she’s losing herself. While desperately needing to be pulled out of her open misery, she refuses to ask for help. That is, until Jaxon shows up and bullies his way back into her life.

With Kinsley’s secret out in the open, her insecurities growing, and their personal vices, will they make their way back to each other? Or will they settle for their new normal? Find out in My Love for You!

Sneak peek

Jaxon Jones

Running my hand over my face, I stared at the glass of cognac placed in front of me. I had reached a level of annoyance that there was no returning from. Jasmine’s parents insisted that we spend Christmas with them in Charlotte. Personally, I wanted to spend the time with my mother and brother in Davidson. In true Jasmine fashion, she blew everything out of proportion when I told her my plans. To keep the peace, I agreed to spend Christmas day here and then travel to Davidson without her in a few days.

That wasn’t the only thing that was annoying me. Mr. Langston had had several conversations about me making an honest woman out of his daughter. Granted we’d been living together since I officially moved to Seattle. It had its perks. As much as I didn’t want to be committed to her, my options were few. So, I made it work. As far as being happy went, I put that on the back burner. Maybe I’d get another shot. Maybe not.

Scratching the nape of my neck, I missed my dreads. Another vice I had towards this situation. It was one thing to be a black man in corporate America working closely with predominantly white firms. It was another thing to be a black man with dreads. After having security called on me for the third time, I was fed up. Cutting my hair off sent Jasmine and her father over the moon. According to Jasmine, it’s how she always envisioned me. And her father, well, he told me I finally looked like a respectable black man who took himself seriously.

Part of me was ashamed to admit that I’d become their puppet on a string. Always having an overwhelming sense of self-worth when I was with her family. I had the brains and the brawn. It sold me on paper, and it intimidated the competitors, but I felt like I was a slave working for Massa. By Massa, I meant Mr. Langston.

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