Final sneak peek – Just Love Me

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, B. Love makes her contemporary romance debut as Shenaé Hailey with “Just Love Me.” Here’s one final sneak peek before it goes live tomorrow!



*Unedited, overlook any errors*

When I was finally done, I looked myself over one last time before slowly making my way down the hall. I expected Asia to be in the front room trying to entertain Kane, but she’d left him alone surprisingly. He heard my heels before he saw me, and at the sound of them Kane stood to his feet. I wanted to take him in fully, but the way his eyes took in every inch of me…
“You look,” Kane paused, shaking his head as he took a few steps towards me. “Amazing.”
“Thanks.” My head was lowered as I blushed, but it lifted at the sight of his feet moving in my direction. “You look handsome as always.”
Handsome was almost an understatement. Kane looked good as hell. He was dressed in black from head to toe, his hair was freshly cut, and that stubble was the perfect length to tickle my thighs if he blessed me later on tonight.
“Thank you,” he mumbled, tilting my head up as he lowered his.
Kane wove his fingers through my hair, using it to angle my head the way he liked. His kiss was hotly tender. Lips gentle, kind, and loving as they always were the first time we kissed after a break. His desire seeped into me just as smoothly as his body heat did, and I shivered as I relaxed my body against his.
A quiet growl escaped him as my hand made its way between his legs. I didn’t give a damn where we were, Kane was a need meeter, and every time my pussy was in his vicinity she reminded me of how inconsistent I’d been with taking care of her. With allowing him to take care of her.
Kane’s hand wrapped around my wrist. “You touch me again, we won’t make it to the restaurant before I fuck you.”
He’d said it as if that was a warning. A punishment. Something that I didn’t want. But…
“That’s exactly what I want.”
His eyes darkened as he stepped back. He walked around me, slowly, looking my body over intensely. With each step he took, every lick of his lips, gaze of his eyes, Kane made me hunger for him more. This was a side of Kane that hardly ever came out. The gentleman in him wouldn’t allow the beast out for too long. But every time he did I tried to take full advantage.
“Go get an extra pair of panties and something to clean up with. Meet me in the car.”
Trying to contain my excitement, I walked as briskly as I could without breaking out into a jog. After doing as I was told, I made my way outside to Kane’s car. I found him in the backseat, hand moving up and down his already sheathed shaft. Before I could close the door behind me fully, Kane was pulling me into him with enough force to cause my body to jerk and a soft moan to escape my lips.

Hope you’re ready to 1click!


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