Say He’ll be My Baby – Sneak Peek

Tomorrow, Chelsea Maria returns with “Say He’ll Be My Baby.” Check out the synopsis and sneak peek below!



The rule book of love has taught us that distance makes the heart grow fonder and that time heals all wounds.


Time seems to have control over everything including when Jessie Belle Taylor will meet Prince Charming and fall in love. Since college, she has loved the smooth selfless man who has deemed himself as her one and only friend and the keeper of her heart.

Sammie Bush.

Unlike Jessie, Sammie knows that procrastination is the thief of time and vows to not be robbed of any more time without having Jessie as his woman.
With twelve days until Christmas, Sammie embarks on a journey to make his college crush his mistletoe kiss. He throws caution to the wind and doesn’t care about her reservations, but unbeknownst to the two lovebirds, there are a few scrooges determined to keep their Christmas wish from coming true.

Will Sammie and Jessie let outside influences stop them from having a Christmas worth remembering, or will they make the most of the time they have by making memories that they will never forget?

Sneak peek

“A broken heart means she’s a woman of your past. It seems we’re both bad at this thing called love.”

“Or maybe we’ve been bad for the wrong people because they weren’t who we were supposed to be with.”

My house became quiet. Super quiet. Even my Yankee Candles flame stopped flickering to hear what I had to say in response to that. To be honest, what the hell was I supposed to say other than I’m who you’re supposed to be with?

Releasing the breath that’s been stuck waiting to be released, I put on my big girl panties and asked, “And who are the right people we are supposed to be with?”

Please say me. Please say me.

His smirk and the sudden darkness of his eyes sent my heart catapulting to heaven begging God to let this be it. Be the moment I’ve been praying for since 2009.

Though his thighs were on the outside of mine, they provided a warm blanket. Everything felt cold when he removed his legs and stood. Pacing with his hands in his pockets and head tossed back as he stared up at the ceiling.

Watching him burn a hole into my carpet from his pacing, I cupped my legs up to my chest. The air in the room felt different. Felt light but also intensely heavy. Tingles ran up and down my body, even making the clothes I wore sensitive to touch.

Stopping right in front of me, Sammie peered down at me with specs of nirvana twinkling in his orbs. “Us. I’m the right man for you, and you’re the right woman for me. Have you never thought about us, Jessie Belle?”

Speak you fool!

I’ve waited for what seems like all my life for this moment, and I had nothing to say. I mean, could he blame me?

Am I dreaming, or did he not confess that he’s felt the same way as I have?

“I-I have, Sammie. All the time. You’re all I think about, but…”

The minty freshness of his breath on my face robbed me of my words. His hand cupped the back of my neck as he beckoned me to stand. With our heads joined and fingers laced, we stood in the middle of my living room letting the ties of our souls begin the starting processes of tying.

“But what, Jessie? What did I tell you that day at the airport?”

I tried to lower my head, give my eyes and heart a moment to breathe from the gust of wind called Sammie Bush. But he wasn’t having it. To keep my head and eyes focused on him, he latched onto my bottom lip.

Bad idea, Sammie. You let me feel those lips…again. We getting married now.

“Don’t ever drop your eyes when I’m talking to you. Understand?” I understood completely but feeling his hands grip my hips turned me into a mute. “Jessie, do you understand?”

“Yes,” I blurted out.

“Finish what you were saying and don’t think about telling a lie.”

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