FINAL SNEAK PEEK-Until My Heart Stops

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Tomorrow, Mycah Edwards returns with Until My Heart Stops and  we have one final sneak peek to share with you!umhs ebook cover


 “Hey.” My voice was so small. So childlike.

He placed the sponge he had in his hand back into the bucket before facing me. I swallowed a large helping of air as he crossed his arms over his big chest. God, I missed lying my head there. I shook my head, pissed off at him for making those days be a thing of the past. Suddenly, he wasn’t so attractive. He was just like Daniel. Another man who put his own needs above mine.

 “Hey.” His voice was different. Just as quickly as my anger had risen it was falling back down again. Something was wrong.

“You okay?”

I wanted to reach out and touch him, but I kept it together. He didn’t deserve to be consoled after treating me the way that he had. I was supposed to be upset with him, yet I got the feeling that I’d done something wrong by the way his eyes bore into me.

He chuckled and ran a hand down his face. “Like you care. How’s Daniel?” He questioned instead.

Now, I was confused. “Am I supposed to know?”

“Yeah. Y’all were looking a little cozy to me the other day.”

And there it was. I felt like it was the perfect time to capitalize on his apparent jealousy but allowing him to think that there was more between me and Daniel felt wrong. So very wrong. Kenzino turned away from me as he went back to cleaning the truck.

“I thought you were smarter than that, Park. How you going to take him back after what he put you through? You know when I first got here he told me that I was wasting my time with you. Said you still wanted him. That you would always be his.” I jumped as he threw the sponge back into the bucket. His chest heaved up and down. The fire in his eyes burned across my skin as he looked at me in rage. In hurt. “And I didn’t want to believe it. You fed me that little line about how you would never take him back then you turn around and take him back. Why, Park! Why would you do that knowing how I feel about you? How could you even want to be with someone like that knowing he’ll never make you feel as good as me? Matter fact, how could you want him after he chose your sister over you? I never saw you as the type to settle, but I guess who I thought you were and who you really are don’t compare.”


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This week Mycah Edwards returns with Until My Heart Stops and we have a sample just for you!

umhs ebook cover


“I never needed to be rich. I only needed to be happy.”  – Kenzino Kennedy 

Professional athlete, Kenzino Kennedy, had everything, then he had nothing. A trip to his grandmother’s hometown provides him with the freedom he needs to answer a simple question – if he strips himself of his ego, who will he be?

Park Carr was the small-town girl who saw life through a kaleidoscope. Everything was beautiful until it wasn’t. Despite having her heartbroken, she’s determined to keep herself open to love but there’s just one problem: she’s the victim of a vicious rumor that keeps her holed up at home.

He’s a retired NFL player with a desire to dance. She’s newly unemployed but hopeful. Together, they have the opportunity to put love to the test so long as they trust their hearts long enough to see that love can be unconditional when it’s done right. However, when done wrong, the damage can be just as fatal as when the heart stops.


 Kenzino sighed. He seemed to love the view of the forest while I loved my view of him. “This shit is hella clutch. How’d you end up with it?” Simultaneously, he turned his head to look at me and I turned my head to look at our surroundings.

“I just needed a place to be alone,” I admitted. “I love the fresh air. The view. The wildlife. If you think it’s beautiful now you should see what it looks like when there’s snow on the ground.”

“Yeah, I’m feelin’ it, but I don’t think anything can be more beautiful than what I’m looking at right now though.” I glanced in his direction just to find him gazing at me. His eyes outlined my face then he smiled. I openly blushed while dipping my head low. “So, you like being alone then?”

My head dropped as I traced my finger around the top of the mason jar. Slowly, I lifted my eyes to look at him. “Naively, I believed I did.” I sat the jar on the ground then pulled my knees up to my chest one by one. “It used to be safe but after so many years of suppressed thoughts you realize it’s more toxic than anything. Don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves a little decompression from the world every now and then, but the outcome is different when you have people to turn to once the smoke clears.”

I planted my eyes on his coffee bean orbs. “We all need somebody.” Kenzino grew silent and I wondered if he was thinking about what I said. “Do you have somebody, Kenz?”

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Tomorrow, Lex. C. returns with Book 1, Bonded by Fate of her new series Because of Her and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!


Phoenix moved her hands from my hair to my shoulders, gently rubbing them until I brushed my lips against her inner thigh. Her skin had been silently calling my lips too long to ignore the advance.

“Would you really go to Greece with me, Phoenix?” I not only brushed my lips against her flesh as I spoke, but I ran them in a circle as I waited on her reply. She didn’t answer at first. She was too busy fighting the very faint moan vibrating against her vocal chords. I barely heard it as her legs loosened then stiffened around my neck. What I wanted to explore with Phoenix was so much more than sexual but her body kept tempting me like it was mine to have. I could only ignore so much of that call.

“Immanuel,” she breathed my name.

“That’s not an answer.” I firmly pressed my lips against her inner thigh to plant my first kiss on her skin and she slightly jumped. I kissed her inner thigh again and she pulled her hands from me to support herself as she leaned back, lifting her legs from around me.

“You are all the way off topic. If you promise not to do that again, then I’d love to go with you.” Phoenix kept her eyes on mine and her legs open as I stood up on my knees, turning to face her. My proximity to the spandex gripping her pussy lips made my temples throb as I constrained myself from touching her. I knew I had to prove that I wasn’t here for sex.  I swear I had to pull strength from the Holy Spirit deep within me to lower her legs and pull her pussy near my abdomen and out of my direct view.

“I need to talk about something else, golden eyed girl.”


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Tomorrow, ASH LEY returns with “A Whisper of the Heart 2” and we have one sneak peek left for you!



“Declan. What happened?” Whisper questioned.

“Nothing,” he muttered, pulling her hand away.

“This doesn’t look like nothing.”

He wasn’t able to get a word out before they both heard not only laughter, but a hand clap as well. With his back turned, it was Whisper who first saw Beckham. She thought the swelling on Declan’s face was bad, but it was nothing compared to the bruising on Beckham’s. Yet, he was smiling. Laughing as if something was funny.

“Wow. Look who finally gets to be together. No more sneaking around, huh? Must be nice.”

“I’m sorry.” Whisper sighed.

“What? Sorry I know you were doing the same shit I was? Don’t apologize. Shit, at least I really know what’s going on now.”

Whisper could’ve explained herself. She very well could’ve apologized again. Neither of those seemed to be a good solution, so she chose to remain silent. Something that only further agitated Beckham.


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Tomorrow, India T. Norfleet, makes her BLP debut with Clutch and Moan and we have one more final sneak peek left for you!

clutch and moan

“Why are you trying to stay away from me Domino?”

“Because Esha, I keep fucking you and cumming in you like you’re mine. And you allowing me to do the shit.”

“And that’s a reason to act an ass?”  She shrugged, annoyed and confused.

“No but falling for you is.”


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Here’s a look into this weeks lineup!

First – 1/22 – Clutch and Moan – India T. Norfleet

clutch and moan


With yet another relationship bust under her belt, Esha Oliver decides that anything resembling or requiring her to give love even another glance was completely out of the question. At least, that’s what she’s convinced herself to believe until she crosses paths with a man who unexpectedly turns her life upside down in the most profound and sexually liberating way. The all-consuming queen treatment and sexually tempting experiences unknowingly force Esha to take a long look at her decision to shun her heart’s one true desire.

After second guessing herself at every turn, she ultimately discovers that a man of Domino’s caliber, who can make her clutch the sheets and moan his name, no matter the positions she finds herself in, just might be worth altering her newfound belief system and fighting for love one last time.

After his divorce left him a broken man who no longer cares to entertain any more serious entanglements, Domino Cole isn’t willing to rush into offering his heart so freely, fearing another blow would destroy him. He soon begins to question whether his own boundaries need to be reexamined upon crossing paths with a woman who challenges everything he swore he was done with.

By the time he’s realized that Esha just might be the one to unconsciously heal all the broken parts of him, a secret so big is exposed that it nearly destroys him and leaves him left wondering if he even deserves to love again. Will Domino be able to come back from the unexpected blow? Will he be able to forgive himself for a pain he knew nothing of before Esha walks away – leaving him with blood dripping from his heart as it’s being ripped from his soul…

Sneak Peek

“What are you doing here Domino?”

“I just came to check on you.”

“Oh, well, I’m good. You can leave now.” She rolled her eyes and turned away from him.

“Nah, I’m straight, and you’re lying. Just let me speak my peace and I’ll—”

“Nope, you said all you felt you needed to when you told me—”

“Esha, I fucked up. I didn’t mean—”

“I don’t care. Goodbye Domino.” Esha jumped up and turned to go in the house, but her fast movement caused her to drop her phone and keys. A quick drag of her hands and she bent down to retrieve them revealing her to be void of panties and utterly sexy. Domino’s fury was now times a hundred. Most of it, though, was misplaced sexual tension.

“Esha, where yo fucking panties?” he yelled, not caring that he was in danger of possibly waking half the neighborhood.

“Excuse you nigga? You don’t own me. None of yo fucking business.” Esha frowned as she moved back toward the front door.

“You been out with some weak nigga, grinding up against him and out with this muthafucka all night knowing you wasn’t wearing no fucking panties? Are you fucking serious Esha?”

“Yup, sure was, so what? You ain’t my man. You needed some space remember?”

“Esha, this ain’t about me being yo man or us, this about yo stubborn ass being stupid.”

“No, this about your stupid ass being jealous.” Her tone now matched his own as he closed in on her. But she showed no fear, she was ready for all-out war if that’s what their encounter came down to.

“Yeah, so what if I am? How the hell you expect me to act when I know how wet you get for me? You damn right I’m jealous.” The shock that lit up Esha’s face was soap opera worthy. The last thing she expected was that level of honesty from the same man who ripped her heart from her chest. Though completely surprised, she still had no intention of allowing him to think this was how he was supposed to handle her. “Now make it up to me and come sit on this dick. I miss you.”

“Nope and not my problem nigga. Bye Domino.”

“You’re right, it’s mine. Bring your ass here.”
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Second-1/23-A Whisper of the Heart 2- ASH LEY



Whisper Sutton was left with a hard choice to make. Stay with the fiancé she’d fallen out of love with or pursue the new man in her life who promised her better. Though she made her decision, it unfortunately came too late. Because of it, she found herself with nothing. Now, forced to start over and pick up the pieces of not just her life, but her heart as well, Whisper wants nothing to do with either of the men. She’s focused on herself, and as frightening as the thought is, she knows that it is her greatest decision yet. Unable to fully let go, both suitors are willing to do anything for her forgiveness. With a new attitude and outlook on life, will Whisper continue committing to herself, or will she allow someone to join in on her journey of self-discovery

Sneak Peek

“You were right. She really had somebody else. And the craziest part is, I still want to be with her,” Beckham admitted.


It was all Declan was able to say before standing to his feet. The mood shifted drastically and before Beckham could get an answer as to why, Declan was saying his goodbyes.

“I still have some things to do while I’m out here.”

“Did seeing Whisper happen to be one?”

The question didn’t put fear in his heart, but it did cause some guilt. Beckham was missing her while Declan had plans on swooping in.

“Even if it was, I wouldn’t even know how to go about finding her.”

It wasn’t a straight answer which is what he wanted. He wanted to avoid conflict, and if he had to talk in circles, so be it.

“She’s been at her mamas house over in the Bishop Arts district. At least that’s what the GPS on her phone says. If you could just tell her I read the message, got it loud and clear, but it doesn’t change anything. If you could get her to call, or better yet, just tell her to come home.”

Declan shook his head at the request. He was appreciative of knowing where she was but because of his own agendas was unable to do the favor.

“I’m sorry, but I really can’t do that.”

Of course there was confusion from Beckham. The painfully obvious truth was right in his face, but it took some time for him to accept it. For him to accept that this time, Declan wasn’t trying to stay out of it because of his discomfort. He wanted Whisper for himself and Beckham couldn’t believe he missed the signs. He couldn’t believe he’d been so trusting of them both. It was bad enough to know another man was involved but one that he was close with had the pain on another level.

“You have to be fucking kidding me,” he gritted.

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Last, but not least-1/25-Bonded by Fate-Lex.C.



Legend has it, the Phoenix is known for life, death, rebirth, and healing. Phoenix Wells’ life doesn’t really seem to begin until she experiences the ashes and finds herself in need of a couple of those meanings. When a fire ravages her apartment building, secrets are planted in her heart, and a loss of words uncovers her passion.

Immanuel Owens, better known as Iman of “The Camp”, is at the peak of his career, but he lost everything he had to get there. He can dance, rap, and have just about any woman he wants, but what happens when none of those women are what he really needs?

Immanuel and Phoenix only cross paths for mere minutes in the midst of flaming destruction, but that exchange could hold the power to bond them for a lifetime. With her life in his hands, Immanuel develops an innate need to never let go.

So, what happens when letting go is the only hope?


As Arden hugged the life out of me, my phone pinged in my lap. She pulled back and looked down at my phone. Like a light bulb went off in her head, she whipped her attention back to the movie still waiting to be played. Curiously swiping up, I shook my head knowing exactly who was to blame for what was displayed across my screen.  

“Can we just kick it again, pretty eyes? Maybe you and I could share another moment in time?


How in the world a text made my heart flutter so wildly was unbeknownst to me. Immanuel Owens had something over me I couldn’t shake for the life of me.

The money, power, and women were all red flags, but I still couldn’t ignore the way he stirred something deep inside of me. I couldn’t ignore the smile forming on my lips, or the soothing warmth circling my veins as I thought about him anticipating my reply, either.

“Just a moment in time, right? No more sexual than the last?”

“No more. No less. The ball is in your court, Nix. I just want to kick it.”

“Arden. You did this, didn’t you?” I looked up from my phone, nibbling at the corner of my lips to fight my smile.

“I did, but only because he promised he wasn’t up to no good.”

“Do hoes ever really think they’re up to no good when they are?”

“Phoenix,” Arden echoed, clocking me upside the head with a couch pillow, and we both fell into a fit of laughter. “You are smitten so feel the man out already. You know now more than ever that you two need to have a talk.


Bonded by Fate releases Jan 25th and you don’t want to miss it!










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Tomorrow, Monica Walters returns with “8 Seconds to Love” and we have one lip biting sneak peek just for you!


The DJ was playing “After Dark” by Drake. I was practically falling over Shana, trying to roll my hips. Before long, I was laughing, because I knew I was finally fucked up. Feeling hands on my hips, I turned to see Legend holding on to me. I smiled at him, then looped my arms around his neck.

“You fucked up, girl.”

“That was the plan.”

Ty Dolla Sign was singing his part in the song and I sang along with him, “Fuck, these niggas!” Legend laughed. “Oh, that shit funny?”

He kept laughing as I started working my hips against him. He shut that shit up quick. I watched him bite his bottom lip as I turned back around and put my ass in his crotch. Feeling his hands somewhat grope me felt good as fuck. That hard dick against my ass felt good too. “What’chu tryna do, Harper?”

“I ain’t tryna do shit but what I’m doing right now.”

“Tease the fuck outta my dick? ‘Cause that’s what’chu doing.”

“Well, you can walk off. You must like that shit.”

“I think I like you better drunk.”

“Shut up, and dance, nigga.”

Just when he started grooving with me, the song went off. Then they played a throwback from Lil Wayne, “Pussy Monster.” I turned back around and faced him. We just stared at one another as I grinded all over him. He ran his finger down my chest, between my breasts. That shit felt so good. I was soaking wet with sweat and so was he. Pressing my body against him, I asked, “You the pussy monster?”

He didn’t answer me, just held me tightly to him, then grabbed my ass. Our faces were inches apart. We were so close, I could feel his breath on my face. With the four-inch heels I wore, we were practically the same height. That alcohol had my eyes so fucking low, I could barely see his ass, even though he was right in front of me. “You wanna eat me, Legend?”

“Girl, chill out.”

“Or what?”

“I’m gon’ have you doin’ some shit you gon’ regret tomorrow.”

“Whatever, nigga.”

He brought his hand in front of me and practically grabbed me by the pussy. “Don’t get scared now, Harper. This that shit you asking for?”

He was talking right in my ear. Shit. “Play with that pussy, Legend.”

Shit, I wasn’t scared. I was horny as fuck. He started a rhythm on my pearl through my boy shorts as my knees weakened. I kissed his neck, then bit his earlobe. Lifting my head, I looked in his face, then licked his bottom lip. My legs were trembling like crazy, so I wrapped my arms around his neck once again to hold myself up as my orgasm ripped through me. He held me steady by wrapping his other arm around me, because my ass woulda hit that floor. My eyes closed, and I wanted to scream out the pleasure I was feeling.

He moved his hand, then led me to my seat. He ain’t say shit. I ordered another shot, then leaned against him. He put his arm around me. “You think you need another drink?”


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Tomorrow, Jess Words, our second poet in the family, makes her BLP debut with Warmest Regards: My Love Letters To The Process and we have one heart thumping, sneak peek for you.


Bruised Fruit

Ever bit into a ripe strawberry?

Relished in the juice dripping from your chin?

Smiling to yourself for the win?

Picking the sweetest, you could see.

There was a time, you felt the same about me.

The ripest.

First pick.

Sweetest juice,

now I’m bruised fruit.

Bitter to the taste.

What a waste of space it is,

mental and physical,

to align my worth to you.


My heart, my heart, my heart.

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Tomorrow, C. Monet returns with “Own It: The Sequel” and we have one final sneak peek for you!


“Raak, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean I didn’t want your help,” she replied I assumed sensing
my irritation. Her having her heart stomped on was something I was going hard in the
paint to repair but I couldn’t if she wasn’t open.

“Do you love me Seveyn?”

“Of course, I love you. Are you questioning that?”

“I can’t say that I’m questioning it, but I want you to know that I can’t have you doubting
me when we hit a sharp curve or come across an obstacle. If I’m your man, I’m your
man one hundred grand. If I say I’m going to handle it let me do the worrying. I’m not
Chad and never will be. Leaving you high and dry will never be my style. Stop shutting
down on me. Open your mouth when you need me and stop trying to stop me when you
need me. If you can do that we will be fine.”

Kissing her trembling lips, we headed into the living room and broke the news to Javier.
Worry hit me hard because he didn’t shed one tear as Seveyn broke the news. She was
choked up, and I was concerned. It was the same look Ivey had when he found out
about our father. He was around but barely in our lives. Ivey was a little older than
Javier, but he didn’t blink, he didn’t cry, and he didn’t utter a single word. He came to
me and Sergio and grabbed our hands. And Ivey hasn’t seemed to say much from that

“Who will I live with?”

“Us,” I responded. It was official; I was moving to the states or they were coming back
with me. I was marrying Seveyn before I boarded a plane.

Make sure you’re all caught up and ready to 1click. If you haven’t read part one of this story you can find it here.


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Tomorrow, Aliada Duncan makes her BLP debut with “Wordplay: A Potion Named Poetry” and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!


Resting in You 

I am naked

Flesh of your flesh

Blood of your blood

Bones of your bones

Your skin is my silk

I rest upon you so heavenly

My bed of ecstasy

Peace upon peace, upon peace Your love is my spirit

My love for you is my home

Your arms are my resting place

Your hands, my helper

Your eyes hypnotizing me to hypnosis


Your rheum is my milk

Your shaft is my sword

I love you in infinite ways with infinite possibilities You fill me up to full

I eat, and I eat, and I eat

You satisfy me so supernaturally

Your magic wand and your crystal balls I honor My superstar and super man

My tall statue standing so demanding

I honor you with all that I am

I submit

I succumb

Oh, my heart! Get ready to 1click!