A Whisper of the Heart – tomorrow!

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, ASH LEY makes her BLP debut with “A Whisper of the Heart” and we have one final sneak peek for you!


“Whisper? Why are you standing out here like this? It’s dangerous.”

The voice caused her entire body to jerk around. She didn’t respond. She couldn’t. She instead dug a manicured fingernail into her forearm because surely, she was hallucinating.

“You’re looking dead in my direction so I know you heard me.”

Whisper’s mouth opened slightly, breathing increased, and palms began sweating as she stared at Declan. If you would’ve given her a list of people she expected to see within recent days, he’d be at the bottom. She’d been doing her best to avoid him and had been successful until this point. She no longer called to check up on Beckham and on the rare occasions he would try checking up on her, she didn’t respond. It was supposed to have helped get her emotions back in check. Supposed to. Try as she might to avoid him, he still managed to invade her thoughts at the most inopportune times. This being no different.  Her heart dropped as a million and one reasons for his presence ran through her mind.

“Is everything okay? Did something happen to Beckham?”

“What? Na. He’s good, I guess.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Even speaking in a hushed tone, the panic was heard. It had caught Declan off guard. He wasn’t expecting the warmest welcome from her but he wasn’t expecting her to be a visibly emotional wreck either. Beckham had clearly not caught her up on the change in plans, but he didn’t care. He would just pick up the slack, as he’d been doing.

“You know me. Put something edible in my face and best believe I’m eating.”

As if someone would’ve not only heard the comment but understood the context, Whisper’s eyes bounced every which way. Declan was expecting the joke to have resulted in a mouthful at the very least but he got nothing. Not even a shove. She stood silently, running a hand up and down the length of her arms as she waited on the answer to the question she originally asked.

“Beckham got held up at the office and asked if I would keep you company.”

“And you don’t find it weird he asked you to do this?”

“Nope.” Declan shrugged.


“It’s really not a big deal. Besides, it’s free food involved.”

“Thank you for doing this for him but–”

“What did I tell you last time you said something like that to me? I’m not doing anything for him. It’s all for you, Whisper.”

Get ready to one click!


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