Final sneak peek – My Love for You

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, Aubreé Pynn returns with My Love For You. Please note: Mistletoe Meltdown is the prelude to this story!



Kinsley Barrett

Gently patting concealer under my eyes, I took these few quiet moments to gather my thoughts. Between my late nights working and Brayden’s very fickle schedule, I was exhausted. Anyone could look at me and tell that I just needed one day to sleep. Everyone kept telling me to sleep when he slept, but that meant not going over the details for the events we had coming up. Mom had at least four events divided between the two of us from now until New Year’s Day. I was hoping after that I could have a little bit of time to gather myself.

Finishing up my minimal makeup for a day at the office, I crept out the bathroom of my bedroom and tiptoed to the kitchen.

Anything could trigger Brayden. He was a precious baby one minute and the next he was a ticking time bomb. Walking into the kitchen, I opened the fridge and pulled out a cup of yogurt. I had a few minutes before Pyper showed up to babysit. Sitting on the counter of my small kitchen, I looked around at the mess I had yet to clean. Between work and Brayden, I didn’t have much time to clean up this tiny apartment. Exhaustion didn’t touch how I felt most of the time. I would try to make a point to clean up when I got home, but for right now, I silently ate my yogurt and let my thoughts trail off.

Usually, I would block the thought of Jaxon out of my mind, but as of late, he’d been running my thoughts like a marathon. This was our first Christmas apart in almost four years. I managed to get through yesterday’s jubilee without breaking down over it.

Hope you’re ready to 1click!


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