Hey, reader!

Tomorrow, Aliada Duncan makes her BLP debut with “Wordplay: A Potion Named Poetry” and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!


Resting in You 

I am naked

Flesh of your flesh

Blood of your blood

Bones of your bones

Your skin is my silk

I rest upon you so heavenly

My bed of ecstasy

Peace upon peace, upon peace Your love is my spirit

My love for you is my home

Your arms are my resting place

Your hands, my helper

Your eyes hypnotizing me to hypnosis


Your rheum is my milk

Your shaft is my sword

I love you in infinite ways with infinite possibilities You fill me up to full

I eat, and I eat, and I eat

You satisfy me so supernaturally

Your magic wand and your crystal balls I honor My superstar and super man

My tall statue standing so demanding

I honor you with all that I am

I submit

I succumb

Oh, my heart! Get ready to 1click!




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