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Tomorrow, C. Monet returns with “Own It: The Sequel” and we have one final sneak peek for you!


“Raak, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean I didn’t want your help,” she replied I assumed sensing
my irritation. Her having her heart stomped on was something I was going hard in the
paint to repair but I couldn’t if she wasn’t open.

“Do you love me Seveyn?”

“Of course, I love you. Are you questioning that?”

“I can’t say that I’m questioning it, but I want you to know that I can’t have you doubting
me when we hit a sharp curve or come across an obstacle. If I’m your man, I’m your
man one hundred grand. If I say I’m going to handle it let me do the worrying. I’m not
Chad and never will be. Leaving you high and dry will never be my style. Stop shutting
down on me. Open your mouth when you need me and stop trying to stop me when you
need me. If you can do that we will be fine.”

Kissing her trembling lips, we headed into the living room and broke the news to Javier.
Worry hit me hard because he didn’t shed one tear as Seveyn broke the news. She was
choked up, and I was concerned. It was the same look Ivey had when he found out
about our father. He was around but barely in our lives. Ivey was a little older than
Javier, but he didn’t blink, he didn’t cry, and he didn’t utter a single word. He came to
me and Sergio and grabbed our hands. And Ivey hasn’t seemed to say much from that

“Who will I live with?”

“Us,” I responded. It was official; I was moving to the states or they were coming back
with me. I was marrying Seveyn before I boarded a plane.

Make sure you’re all caught up and ready to 1click. If you haven’t read part one of this story you can find it here.


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