Hey, reader!

Tomorrow, Monica Walters returns with “8 Seconds to Love” and we have one lip biting sneak peek just for you!


The DJ was playing “After Dark” by Drake. I was practically falling over Shana, trying to roll my hips. Before long, I was laughing, because I knew I was finally fucked up. Feeling hands on my hips, I turned to see Legend holding on to me. I smiled at him, then looped my arms around his neck.

“You fucked up, girl.”

“That was the plan.”

Ty Dolla Sign was singing his part in the song and I sang along with him, “Fuck, these niggas!” Legend laughed. “Oh, that shit funny?”

He kept laughing as I started working my hips against him. He shut that shit up quick. I watched him bite his bottom lip as I turned back around and put my ass in his crotch. Feeling his hands somewhat grope me felt good as fuck. That hard dick against my ass felt good too. “What’chu tryna do, Harper?”

“I ain’t tryna do shit but what I’m doing right now.”

“Tease the fuck outta my dick? ‘Cause that’s what’chu doing.”

“Well, you can walk off. You must like that shit.”

“I think I like you better drunk.”

“Shut up, and dance, nigga.”

Just when he started grooving with me, the song went off. Then they played a throwback from Lil Wayne, “Pussy Monster.” I turned back around and faced him. We just stared at one another as I grinded all over him. He ran his finger down my chest, between my breasts. That shit felt so good. I was soaking wet with sweat and so was he. Pressing my body against him, I asked, “You the pussy monster?”

He didn’t answer me, just held me tightly to him, then grabbed my ass. Our faces were inches apart. We were so close, I could feel his breath on my face. With the four-inch heels I wore, we were practically the same height. That alcohol had my eyes so fucking low, I could barely see his ass, even though he was right in front of me. “You wanna eat me, Legend?”

“Girl, chill out.”

“Or what?”

“I’m gon’ have you doin’ some shit you gon’ regret tomorrow.”

“Whatever, nigga.”

He brought his hand in front of me and practically grabbed me by the pussy. “Don’t get scared now, Harper. This that shit you asking for?”

He was talking right in my ear. Shit. “Play with that pussy, Legend.”

Shit, I wasn’t scared. I was horny as fuck. He started a rhythm on my pearl through my boy shorts as my knees weakened. I kissed his neck, then bit his earlobe. Lifting my head, I looked in his face, then licked his bottom lip. My legs were trembling like crazy, so I wrapped my arms around his neck once again to hold myself up as my orgasm ripped through me. He held me steady by wrapping his other arm around me, because my ass woulda hit that floor. My eyes closed, and I wanted to scream out the pleasure I was feeling.

He moved his hand, then led me to my seat. He ain’t say shit. I ordered another shot, then leaned against him. He put his arm around me. “You think you need another drink?”


Legend, Legend, Legend! Hope y’all are ready to 1click tomorrow!



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