Hey, reader!

Tomorrow, Lex. C. returns with Book 1, Bonded by Fate of her new series Because of Her and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!


Phoenix moved her hands from my hair to my shoulders, gently rubbing them until I brushed my lips against her inner thigh. Her skin had been silently calling my lips too long to ignore the advance.

“Would you really go to Greece with me, Phoenix?” I not only brushed my lips against her flesh as I spoke, but I ran them in a circle as I waited on her reply. She didn’t answer at first. She was too busy fighting the very faint moan vibrating against her vocal chords. I barely heard it as her legs loosened then stiffened around my neck. What I wanted to explore with Phoenix was so much more than sexual but her body kept tempting me like it was mine to have. I could only ignore so much of that call.

“Immanuel,” she breathed my name.

“That’s not an answer.” I firmly pressed my lips against her inner thigh to plant my first kiss on her skin and she slightly jumped. I kissed her inner thigh again and she pulled her hands from me to support herself as she leaned back, lifting her legs from around me.

“You are all the way off topic. If you promise not to do that again, then I’d love to go with you.” Phoenix kept her eyes on mine and her legs open as I stood up on my knees, turning to face her. My proximity to the spandex gripping her pussy lips made my temples throb as I constrained myself from touching her. I knew I had to prove that I wasn’t here for sex.  I swear I had to pull strength from the Holy Spirit deep within me to lower her legs and pull her pussy near my abdomen and out of my direct view.

“I need to talk about something else, golden eyed girl.”


Immanuel, Immanuel, Immanuel! We so hope you’re ready to 1click tomorrow!




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