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This week Mycah Edwards returns with Until My Heart Stops and we have a sample just for you!

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“I never needed to be rich. I only needed to be happy.”  – Kenzino Kennedy 

Professional athlete, Kenzino Kennedy, had everything, then he had nothing. A trip to his grandmother’s hometown provides him with the freedom he needs to answer a simple question – if he strips himself of his ego, who will he be?

Park Carr was the small-town girl who saw life through a kaleidoscope. Everything was beautiful until it wasn’t. Despite having her heartbroken, she’s determined to keep herself open to love but there’s just one problem: she’s the victim of a vicious rumor that keeps her holed up at home.

He’s a retired NFL player with a desire to dance. She’s newly unemployed but hopeful. Together, they have the opportunity to put love to the test so long as they trust their hearts long enough to see that love can be unconditional when it’s done right. However, when done wrong, the damage can be just as fatal as when the heart stops.


 Kenzino sighed. He seemed to love the view of the forest while I loved my view of him. “This shit is hella clutch. How’d you end up with it?” Simultaneously, he turned his head to look at me and I turned my head to look at our surroundings.

“I just needed a place to be alone,” I admitted. “I love the fresh air. The view. The wildlife. If you think it’s beautiful now you should see what it looks like when there’s snow on the ground.”

“Yeah, I’m feelin’ it, but I don’t think anything can be more beautiful than what I’m looking at right now though.” I glanced in his direction just to find him gazing at me. His eyes outlined my face then he smiled. I openly blushed while dipping my head low. “So, you like being alone then?”

My head dropped as I traced my finger around the top of the mason jar. Slowly, I lifted my eyes to look at him. “Naively, I believed I did.” I sat the jar on the ground then pulled my knees up to my chest one by one. “It used to be safe but after so many years of suppressed thoughts you realize it’s more toxic than anything. Don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves a little decompression from the world every now and then, but the outcome is different when you have people to turn to once the smoke clears.”

I planted my eyes on his coffee bean orbs. “We all need somebody.” Kenzino grew silent and I wondered if he was thinking about what I said. “Do you have somebody, Kenz?”

Until My Heart Stops releases January 29th and we hope you’re ready to 1click!




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