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Here’s a look into two of this weeks lineup and a cover reveal!

Cover reveal – 1/22 – Clutch and Moan: An Urban Erotica – India T. Norfleet

clutch and moan


With yet another relationship bust under her belt, Esha Oliver decides that anything resembling or requiring her to give love even another glance was completely out of the question. At least, that’s what she’s convinced herself to believe until she crosses paths with a man who unexpectedly turns her life upside down in the most profound and sexually liberating way. The all-consuming queen treatment and sexually tempting experiences unknowingly force Esha to take a long look at her decision to shun her heart’s one true desire.

After second guessing herself at every turn, she ultimately discovers that a man of Domino’s caliber, who can make her clutch the sheets and moan his name, no matter the positions she finds herself in, just might be worth altering her newfound belief system and fighting for love one last time.

After his divorce left him a broken man who no longer cares to entertain any more serious entanglements, Domino Cole isn’t willing to rush into offering his heart so freely, fearing another blow would destroy him. He soon begins to question whether his own boundaries need to be reexamined upon crossing paths with a woman who challenges everything he swore he was done with.

By the time he’s realized that Esha just might be the one to unconsciously heal all the broken parts of him, a secret so big is exposed that it nearly destroys him and leaves him left wondering if he even deserves to love again. Will Domino be able to come back from the unexpected blow? Will he be able to forgive himself for a pain he knew nothing of before Esha walks away – leaving him with blood dripping from his heart as it’s being ripped from his soul…

First-1/17-Warmest Regards: My Letters To The Process – Jess Words



“Stumbling in my conviction to be free from my addiction to connection with you.” — excerpt from Desperately

Jess Words’ beautiful collection of poetry is dipped in raw honesty, and it will leave you pondering the freedom of your troubled heart. Warmest Regards is a vulnerable purging of lost love—a love letter to the journey of self-love and forgiveness.



They write broken hearted songs, for broken hearted girls

hiding their wounds from the world.

I have scars on my heart, they have a story to tell.

Betrayed by the least expected. Bent; not bruised but neglected.

All I asked was for honesty, reciprocity of energy.

All you had to do was FEED me! Cultivate, provide structure.

You can kind of hear it now “all she asked, was for you to LOVE her.”

My voice in faded whispers on your sheets, as you close your eyes,

wishing for sleep. Pressing your fingers into the mattress.

Willing me here. To my favorite prison.

I’m WEAK for you.

Stumbling in my conviction, to be freed from my addiction to connection with you! Running from memories of perfection with you!

Trying to forget every mention of future endeavors

with you! We don’t have shit together!

Just me. Just you. Sometimes just us.

But that’s just lust, minus the trust.

So I cover my energy. Give you my body,

but I never let you enter me.  Heart and mind warring

‘cause I’m sleeping with the enemy.

Filling the lines with lies like, “He’s just a friend to me”

Clinging to that small straw. Needing it to be truth.

So desperately.

Second-1/19 – 8 Seconds to Love-Monica Walters



Having her own successful baking business literally fell into Harper Richardson’s lap. She’s strong, smart, independent, and well-rounded. Her life has already been figured out, and she is living it to the best of her abilities, along with her year-long boyfriend, Zaire.

Things seem to be going well until Harper is given some news that stuns her, leaving her angry with herself for being so naïve. Zaire isn’t the man she thought he was. Still reeling from that news, she decides to go and have a great time at the Houston Livestock Show. Her interest was only in the concerts happening, but a certain bull-rider steals her attention. Doing her best to resist him only makes her want him more.

Legend Semien, bull-rider extraordinaire and a legend in the making, has made his passion a professional career. He loves the risk and suspense of it all. Being in the limelight of the rodeo circuit, he’s cocky and expects to be able to get whatever he wants. That expectation applies to women too. His conquests always approached him, and he was living the life he thought was meant for him to live. The moment he sees Harper, he knows that he wants her. There’s something different about her though. She doesn’t approach him. Destined to make her his, he steps out of his comfort zone in a quest to get what he wants.

While Harper and Legend are like night and day, they are attracted to each other like magnets. Despite the baggage and complications of their past lives, they attempt to get to know one another. Will they be able to leave their old lives behind in pursuit of a life together?


The moan that escaped him as he rested his hands at my waist was one of satisfaction. As I washed his back, the gentle tug on my left nipple made me wanna sit on his dick with the quickness. This shit just wasn’t fair! I felt like throwing a temper tantrum like a two-year-old. Looking at those full, tinted lips that were wrapped around my nipple had me wanting to cum everywhere. “Legend, you making me wanna ride your dick into the sunset.”

He chuckled at my country innuendo, then grabbed my ass. I continued washing his back, then asked him to stand so I could wash his legs. His ass. His dick. Temptation was a mutha-fucka right now. I washed his muscled legs and feet as he rested his hand on my shoulder, helping him keep his balance. When I finished, he sat at the edge of the bench. I swear, he could probably wash his own dick. He just wanted to torture me.

I soaped it up, then began to stroke it with the soapy towel. Two could play that game. His eyes closed as I washed his genitalia. After rinsing him off, I grabbed his dick and began to stroke it. I yielded to temptation. “How does that feel, Legend?”

“Good as fuck, but you have to stop, baby.”

“Aww, why?”

“The buildup is making my head hurt.”

“Shit. Are you serious, Legend?” I whined.

“Unfortunately. I can do this, though.”

He sat back down, then swiftly pushed his fingers inside of me. Oh shit! “Legend, oh shit.”

I slowly grinded my hips on his fingers. That shit felt better than Zaire’s dick. Legend was stroking the fuck out of my spot and I was already about to release. I wanted to sit on his dick so bad though. This would have to be my last time bathing him, because headache or not, his ass was gon’ get raped. Feeling the sensations that alerted me of my pending orgasm, I held his head against my chest. “Damn, girl. Let that shit go.”

Even my fucking orgasm submitted to his power. It seemed like I came for minutes. My moans and lustful words seemed to be getting to him. When the wave subsided, I could see his dick was leaking. “Please?  Just for a moment?”

He nodded as he sucked his fingers, so I stooped and took his dick into my mouth. The grip Legend had on my hair, was gon’ give me a fucking headache.  He must’ve realized how tight he’d grabbed it, because he eased up and I sucked all that pre-cum out of him. “Okay, Harper. Fuck!”

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Final sneak peek – Some odd Hour

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Tomorrow, Micah Edwards makes her BLP debut with “Some Odd Hour” and we have one final sneak peek for you!

Some Odd Hour.jpg


Bright and early, I made my way over to Bay’s house. For most of the night I tossed and turned unable to get comfortable. I was thinking about her too much. Feeling like shit for the stunt I pulled and a bitch for how sad her ignoring me had me feeling. Her car was in the driveway when I showed up which made me feel good. I’d gone out my way to get her breakfast too. I needed to get back in her good graces because it took nothing but a few hours for me to recognize that I missed her. I could hear her shuffling behind the door way before I heard her voice.

“What do you want Noble?”

I held up the bag. “Peace offering?” I hated that she was back to calling me Noble.

“I’m not hungry.”

“Bay, I know you’re a damn lie. Open the door and take the food so we can talk. It’s about Kyla.”

There was a pause before I heard the mechanics of her door becoming undone before blessing me with her beautiful face. Her forehead creased with worry lines showing that she was concerned about someone who didn’t give two fucks about her.

“What happened? Is she okay? Gosh, I knew I shouldn’t have left her drunk tail alone.”

I chuckled. “Nothing happened to her. Last I saw her she was good but then again it was while she was trying to shove her hand down my jeans to feel on my Johnson so….”

Bay’s eyes blinked rapidly before her face straightened out. She stood taller as she folded her arms across her chest. “Are you trying to insinuate that my best friend tried to fuck you last night or something?”

“Yes. That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you. She ain’t your friend, Bay. Not even a little bit.” Bay scoffed. “News flash, Noble, not everyone wants you.”

I sighed knowing she would have this reaction. “Yeah, but those women are also not putting their hands where they don’t belong while insinuating that they want me.” I shrugged. “She’s not your friend. I’m not going to go into details about what she said to me but trust me, she doesn’t have your best interests in mind.”

Bay shook her head. “I can’t believe you. What are you really doing here, Noble?” I could see the anger in her little body building up as her top lip curled and nostrils flared. “Even if what you were saying were true, I don’t care to hear it from you of all people, because guess what? You’re no better, and you also don’t have my best interests in mind.”

“Whatchu mean, Bay? You talking hella crazy right now considering I’m out here in the freezing cold first thing in the morning with breakfast to let you know the real. If that’s not having your best interests in mind, then I don’t know what is.”

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Final sneak peek – My Love for You

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, Aubreé Pynn returns with My Love For You. Please note: Mistletoe Meltdown is the prelude to this story!



Kinsley Barrett

Gently patting concealer under my eyes, I took these few quiet moments to gather my thoughts. Between my late nights working and Brayden’s very fickle schedule, I was exhausted. Anyone could look at me and tell that I just needed one day to sleep. Everyone kept telling me to sleep when he slept, but that meant not going over the details for the events we had coming up. Mom had at least four events divided between the two of us from now until New Year’s Day. I was hoping after that I could have a little bit of time to gather myself.

Finishing up my minimal makeup for a day at the office, I crept out the bathroom of my bedroom and tiptoed to the kitchen.

Anything could trigger Brayden. He was a precious baby one minute and the next he was a ticking time bomb. Walking into the kitchen, I opened the fridge and pulled out a cup of yogurt. I had a few minutes before Pyper showed up to babysit. Sitting on the counter of my small kitchen, I looked around at the mess I had yet to clean. Between work and Brayden, I didn’t have much time to clean up this tiny apartment. Exhaustion didn’t touch how I felt most of the time. I would try to make a point to clean up when I got home, but for right now, I silently ate my yogurt and let my thoughts trail off.

Usually, I would block the thought of Jaxon out of my mind, but as of late, he’d been running my thoughts like a marathon. This was our first Christmas apart in almost four years. I managed to get through yesterday’s jubilee without breaking down over it.

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A Whisper of the Heart – tomorrow!

Hey, reader! Tomorrow, ASH LEY makes her BLP debut with “A Whisper of the Heart” and we have one final sneak peek for you!


“Whisper? Why are you standing out here like this? It’s dangerous.”

The voice caused her entire body to jerk around. She didn’t respond. She couldn’t. She instead dug a manicured fingernail into her forearm because surely, she was hallucinating.

“You’re looking dead in my direction so I know you heard me.”

Whisper’s mouth opened slightly, breathing increased, and palms began sweating as she stared at Declan. If you would’ve given her a list of people she expected to see within recent days, he’d be at the bottom. She’d been doing her best to avoid him and had been successful until this point. She no longer called to check up on Beckham and on the rare occasions he would try checking up on her, she didn’t respond. It was supposed to have helped get her emotions back in check. Supposed to. Try as she might to avoid him, he still managed to invade her thoughts at the most inopportune times. This being no different.  Her heart dropped as a million and one reasons for his presence ran through her mind.

“Is everything okay? Did something happen to Beckham?”

“What? Na. He’s good, I guess.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Even speaking in a hushed tone, the panic was heard. It had caught Declan off guard. He wasn’t expecting the warmest welcome from her but he wasn’t expecting her to be a visibly emotional wreck either. Beckham had clearly not caught her up on the change in plans, but he didn’t care. He would just pick up the slack, as he’d been doing.

“You know me. Put something edible in my face and best believe I’m eating.”

As if someone would’ve not only heard the comment but understood the context, Whisper’s eyes bounced every which way. Declan was expecting the joke to have resulted in a mouthful at the very least but he got nothing. Not even a shove. She stood silently, running a hand up and down the length of her arms as she waited on the answer to the question she originally asked.

“Beckham got held up at the office and asked if I would keep you company.”

“And you don’t find it weird he asked you to do this?”

“Nope.” Declan shrugged.


“It’s really not a big deal. Besides, it’s free food involved.”

“Thank you for doing this for him but–”

“What did I tell you last time you said something like that to me? I’m not doing anything for him. It’s all for you, Whisper.”

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