LOVE DON’T COME EASY – Final sneak peek!

Hey, gorgeous! Tomorrow, C. Monet returns with “Love Don’t Come Easy” and we have one final look inside for you before it goes live!



Although heartbreak is a thing of the past for Kali Kyng, she is still dealing with the remnants of loving the wrong guy that told a couple of lies. Working and minding the business that pays her, Kali is closed off and not interested in having her heart toyed with again. It won’t matter how fine a man is, it won’t matter how well he can speak, it won’t matter his occupation because she isn’t interested.

Her ex-boyfriend, Deon, shows up fresh out of jail to make amends when a stranger steps in and saves her. Pardison is all for playing the game until he decides it’s not a game for him. Loving Kali harder than she’s ever been loved before is his new task and goal until she gives in.

Love won’t come easy for them both with Deon playing games and willing to tear anything that makes Kali happy apart. Loving a boy and a man are different, and Pardison is up for the challenge. Kali is fearful but gives in after a little persistence.

A connection is made, but just when everything seems perfect, the idea of the man she has given her heart to is altered. Will love come easy for Pardison and Kali? Or will the hardships of love and pain tear them apart?

Sneak peek

In the parking lot, I felt and smelled her behind me. Turning to face her, I smirked. I knew she would come around at the sight of the money. With the summer sun hitting her face, I could see the light brown tint to her eyes. Her hair was curly and pinned to the side of her heart shaped face. I slipped my bottom lip between my teeth as I eyed her beautiful womanly body. She had an ass that needed its own zip code and hips perfect for cuddling in the winter time.

“First, let’s make something clear, you can’t buy my attention. I can pay for my own damn pedicure. That was very rude,” she fussed, attempting to block the sun from shining in her gentle eyes. Kali was short and built up like an ice cream sundae. Perfect for licking and making a mess. I moved to help and get a good look at the odd dimple in her face. I was taller than her, so I stood over her and hid the sun. The closer I came the more she stepped back. “Here.”

I ignored her, not taking the money back. I meant what I said. She needed to call me. The money wasn’t a concern of mine, and I meant no disrespect, but what I wanted, I wanted. Her fussing and huffing wasn’t going to change that fact.

“Who let you down, baby? I can fix it.”

“I said what I said, now how you take it is your business. You don’t know Deon, you could have gotten hurt.”

“Do I look like a nigga that cares about Pretty Ricky hurting me? That nigga didn’t want no smoke,” I replied looking at her. She clearly didn’t know much about me and that made me want to pursue her even more. Deon would have got his block knocked off in two seconds flat.

“Yep, it’s official, you are nuts, and I really must go.”

“Have a good day, Kali,” I said unlocking my car and sliding in. She stood there for a minute mouth ajar. Rolling down the window, I tossed the box of condoms out at her feet and let her know the truth. “I don’t care about the money, I want the call. Condoms in your court. You gon’ ball or jack ball?”

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