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First-2/5-Thrill My Soul: Poetically Nasty by Nature- India T. Norfleet



In this naughty collection of poetry, these deliciously wicked encounters will urge you to become one with temptation, make you misbehave often, and keep you up all night… craving some of the most addictively satisfying, erotic trouble you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. You won’t desire anything other than to give your lover endless doses of hungry passion for as long as you both can endure.

‘Thrill My Soul: Poetically Nasty by Nature’ will tempt you to indulge in nights you never knew could be held in the palm of your hands. Seduction will never induce more pleasure than the moment your fingers stroke the pages of this steamy, tongue deep, freakfest. This is one walk on the wild side that you’ll want to take naked with your main squeeze again and again.


Poetry should always be a pleasurable experience. One you can’t wait to scream about to anyone who’d listen. And even more so when that poetry is about pleasure. Pleasure so intense you forget time, your name, and whatever day the calendar boasts. If you’ve never discovered this kind of depth in this unappreciated art… you’re not living or enjoying yourself to the full potential that you could be. Allow me to show you how delectable it feels to yield to deep desires, hidden pleasures, and sweet sensations of what poetry can make you do. And how you won’t be able to wait do it again…

*Taps mic* Listen! You do NOT want to miss out on this poetry book! I can assure you its like non you’ve ever indulged in before.

Second-2/6-My Love For You Always- Aubreé Pynn

When I tell you Aubreé did not come to play, she did not come to play!



Is love worth it? That’s a question that has Kinsley’s mind spinning just months before her wedding to Jaxon. When an outside force threatens the very core of their relationship, Kinsley is worried that maybe marriage isn’t in their cards.

While Kinsley is navigating through the what ifs of love, Damien has his own vice. Will he ever find love? After an avoidable distraction, Damien crashes into a bigger distraction, A’Myra Gray. She’s on the run and is looking for a sign to stop. Falling in love with Damien and getting consumed by his plan wasn’t her plan. But Damien’s trance is one she can’t shake herself out of. With the fear of her past haunting her, she attempts to pull herself away from him, but Damien’s love refuses to let her go.

With the clock winding down until the “I do’s” and Damien’s flame for A’Myra growing, will love win? Or will the uncontrollable forces derail the couples for good?

Find out in My Love for You, Always!


Kinsley reluctantly packed her things for the next couple of weeks. We were three days away from our wedding, and she’d managed to come around about the Jasmine situation. Although, I knew that she wanted to hold on to it forever. Holding on to things for Kinsley meant that if and when something came back around, she could dig into her file and point to Exhibit A, B, and C. I hated that she held on to things for so damn long, but she used it to remind herself to be watchful, always.

Watching her pack her things, she finally caught my stare and grunted. “What?”

“Where’s your dress?” I asked trying to get her to open up about whatever was going on in that head of hers.

“Pyper, she’s getting all of that. I didn’t want you to go peeking around. Please make sure that you take a break from partying with the guys and take your tux out so the wrinkles can drop. I know only fifty people are attending the wedding but still.”

“Come here.” I motioned her over to the sitting area. Placing a few more items in her suitcase, she dragged her eyes from her things to me. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that she was still feeling a way about everything that happened. For the sake of peace, she settled with it, but every time she thought about it, she got like this.

Standing to my feet and walking towards her, her shoulders squared, and her eyes squinted. “Jaxon, I’m fine. Please don’t.”

“What do I have to do to show you I’m sorry?” Pulling her body into mine, she melted.  “We are getting married in a few days. You and me against the world.”

“I fear that these hiccups and lapse of judgment will continue to happen, and what I feel and what I deserve from my husband will be put on the back burner. You’re supposed to be my security, I don’t feel secure, Jaxon,” she shared twiddling her fingers. “Is love worth this?”

Is love worth it? Find out on 2/6!

Third-2/8-Our Secret to Keep: An Introduction-A. Jones

final intro cover feb 8


Secrets…do you have them? Keep them from the ones you love most?

Amani Grant and Kade Victor are no strangers to secrets. In fact, they’ve kept one for the last eleven years. But… the problem with secrets is that the longer you try to keep them… the harder it becomes to maintain them.

In this introduction, we meet these two characters.
Kade Victor, a hero, a soldier, but emotionally wounded man. Amani Grant, a natural lover, giver, desperate for a love she can call her own.
‘Our Secret to Keep: An Introduction’ follows these two complicated lovers as they navigate through their feelings and their pasts. So many questions will arise and very few will be answered, except for one – when it comes to love, is there such a thing as waiting too long?

I pulled up to his place and found him standing in the doorway. He was waiting for me. Things like that used to bring a smile to my face. Now they just pained my heart. For the most part he said all the right things and did all the right things, except the one thing I needed most.

Taking my time, I slowly undid my seat belt and got out the car making the walk to him longer than it should have.

He extended his hand to me, and for a second, I debated on whether or not to take it. I felt like if I touched him, I’d give in. His touch had always been the disarming of my gun, my mind. Which was made up, or so I thought.

He stepped out because I had yet to step closer to him and take his hand. I wasn’t sure if he could sense what I was going to say, but he tilted my chin and lifted it up, his eyes searching mine as my own did the same. Both of us searching for two completely different things I was sure.

“I need you, Mani. In the deepest form, I need you.”

Closing my eyes, I shook my head. I hated when he did stuff like that. Created these moments. Moments where I saw a glimpse of him, a glimpse of his heart before that wall went back up.

He took my hand and led me into the house. Closing the door behind me, he let my hand go and walked to the living room.

Not the fireplace.

He had the mood set and my womanly parts already knew what was in store. He turned his back to me as he moved the sticks around in the fire making sure it wouldn’t go out.

“Marley’s engaged.”

He wasn’t asking me. He was telling me. I didn’t know who called him and shared tonight’s events, but someone had.

Finding my voice, I told him, “We can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep doing this.”

He advanced in my direction just as I started making backwards steps toward the door.


The way he spoke my name had always been my weakness. He had always been my weakness.


I had my hand on the knob and just as I pulled it open, he shoved the door back closed with one hand stretched over the top of my head and the other wrapping around my torso. I was stuck. Leaning my head back against the door I closed my eyes. He gently kissed my lips, my nose, then my forehead before leaning his own against mine.

No words were exchanged as we stood there.

He knew what I came to do.

There was no doubt in my mind. “I can’t keep doing this with you. I’m tired, Kade. I deserve more than this. If you’re not willing to give it then I have to move on.” I couldn’t stop the tears. I had been fighting them for as long as I’d been fighting for his love.

“You do deserve more, Amani. More than I can give you right now.”

He gripped my chin, “One last time. Let me show you what I can’t tell you. Let me have you one last time.”

He said it, but I knew he didn’t believe it. Just like I didn’t.

Even with everything I said I was still following behind him because nothing had changed.

Nothing would change.

This had always been and would continue to be our secret to keep.


Read more from Kade and Amani Friday!

Last, but not least-2/13-Say He’ll Be My Valentine- Aubreé Pynn

img_8014 2


The minute he laid eyes on her, he knew that everything was going to change.

Kaliah needed a break from her life. Antonio needed her.

Arriving at the Canbury hotel, love was the last thing on either of their minds. After a busy year with her acting career and a need to reset, Kaliah James finds herself in the mountains of Montana unable to resist an enchanting stranger by the name of Antonio Clark.

Antonio Clark is on his way to Portland from Philadelphia when his jet has to make an emergency stop. With Canbury being the only hotel for miles and his changed plans, his only option is to take the cards he was dealt and rest up for his flight home. His plans were quickly canceled with he met the beautiful and down to earth Kaliah James.

Going against everything they know, three days isn’t enough time together, but they make it work. An unspoken agreement lies between the two. What happens at the Canbury Hotel stays at the Canbury Hotel.

After returning back to their normal lives apart, it becomes painfully clear that they aren’t meant to be without one another. Antonio wants every ounce of Kaliah, and Kaliah wants to live in the safety net of Antonio’s security.

With their lives moving in two different directions, can they meet in the middle, or will the magic of the Canbury Hotel be a memory?

Find out in Say He’ll Be My Valentine!


Settling into the white bar stool, I ordered a Cupid Punch. The ingredients enticed me as I read over it on the drink menu. Tito’s vodka, peach schnapps, a splash of tonic water, handmade grenadine from pomegranates, and garnished with a blood orange slice. It was indeed as delicious as it looked on paper. So good that I waved the bartender down for another before completely consuming the current one I held to my lips.

“Be careful with this, Ms. James.” He chuckled. “Cupid Punch isn’t anything to be played with.”

“Let me take a wild guess, it’ll have me falling in love,” I mocked, rolling my eyes glancing over the dinner menu.

“It will,” he shared. “What are you having this evening?”

“I think I’ll do the seared filet mignon with the roasted potatoes and sautéed broccolini,” I shared, looking up from the menu.

“Dessert or you’ll hold off for now?”

I heard what he said, but my eyes were stuck on the man who appeared at the receptionist’s desk. He had a scowl of aggravation etched across his caramel face. His jawline was tight and defined. Even under the coat, I could tell he was built. I didn’t know what was happening to my mind but all the sense I possessed fled. Biting down on my lip, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I never saw anything like him before. Had I worn panties under my leggings I would’ve gladly taken them off and handed them over to him. No questions asked and no strings attached.

“Him with strawberries.” I let out a heavy moan that escaped from my depths. The sound of my lust to my ears snapped me out of my trance. If my chocolate cheeks could’ve beamed red, they would’ve.


Oh baby! What a tease! Find out what happens next on Wednesday 2/13!




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