Hey beauties!

Tomorrow India Norfleet returns with Thrill My Soul: Poetically Nasty by Nature and we have one last sneak peek to share with you!


Final sneak peek

Warning: Rated R with very explicit erotic content.

I deserve to be loved.

F*d and f*ing enjoyed to the fullest,

and he does that for me.


Without even laying a finger,

On my caramel skin.

He knows how I like it.

How to hold me,

When I need it,

and every time I want it.


He feeds the sexual lioness in me.

And she was always hungry,

for his lovin’,

because he loved on me.

So intensely,

He moved in me with so much passion.

I lost contact, with reality,

And ended up in a space,

Where p*y controls time.

Just thinkin’ about him,

Or just the sound of his voice,


He does something to my c*t,

I can’t stop myself,

From all he makes me feel.


Love, lust, passion, elevation.

He’s a lifeline,

In a lifetime.

I never want to breath without,

I never want to feel with doubt,

Only fine f*g

Both, of the mental, and physical kind.


My goodness! I hope you ladies are ready for tomorrow!



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