Hey y’all! Tomorrow, A. Jones returns with “Our Secret to Keep: An Introduction” and we have one final sneak peek to get you ready!


final intro cover feb 8

Final Sneak Peek

At five minutes to four a knock sounded at my door and I knew it was Kade. Punctual was definitely a trait he always had.

Slowly I made the walk from my bedroom to the door. For some reason I was nervous which didn’t make any sense. This was a man I had known for pretty much my whole life, but I was nervous. Everything just felt different.

Sighing, I smoothed out my shirt before opening the door. And I’d be damned if my mouth didn’t go dry.

Maybe it was because we hadn’t seen each other or maybe it was just because Kade Victor was a sexy ass man. Blemish free skin the color of toffee with underlying hues of red that reminded you of cinnamon.

Beautiful brown eyes that I swear changed colors in the sun and his smile, my goodness, that man had smiled me out of some panties I had yet to get back. I never met Kade Sr., but if I had I’d thank him for his contribution to the son he created.

Kade was a man, man. Tall, muscular, and down-right commanding. I could see how a whole regime was under his authority. The mere thought of Kade in uniform had my tongue not so subtly gliding across my bottom lip. It had been quite a while since I had seen him in camo.

“Amani Grant, I’m trying to be a gentleman, but if you keep looking at me like that we won’t be leaving any time soon.”

Bringing my eyes to his, I saw the truth of what he spoke shining in those brown irises. Blushing, I dipped my head. Kade stepped closer to me, lifting my chin. That pink tongue slowly licked those full brownish pink lips that I remembered were softer than cotton. I released a frustrated sigh wishing like hell he’d kiss me. I missed those lips, but more importantly, I missed him. I wasn’t certain if he could read my mind or what, but he finally put me out of my misery. Kade tilted my head, and before he reintroduced our lips, he searched my eyes and smiled softly.

“I missed you.”

I didn’t have a chance to respond because his lips were on mine, but he had to know from the moan that reverberated from my throat that the feeling was mutual. When Kade pulled away I literally felt the pout replace his lips before I could catch myself. He leaned his forehead against mine. “I’ll give your body everything she craves, after our date.”

He planted a quick kiss against my lips before stepping out of my reach. “Where’s your coat, beautiful?”

I still didn’t have any words. I just pointed to the closet to the right of the door. Kade chuckled at my speechlessness before turning to get my coat. He opened it and smiled, and I whimpered. I couldn’t put that damn coat on right now. I had to go change my damn underwear.

Under my breath I said, “I’ll be back,” as I walked away to change my panties and reapply my lip gloss.


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