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First- 2/12-Slow Stroke Me-India Norfleet



Poetry has never been a bad influence until now…

Slow Stroke Me: Lick my Poetic Flames, is the most profoundly arousing compilation of poetic expression to ever caress your frontal lobe. Every moment between these pages will leave you breathless and inspired to forgo careful inhibitions and average loving for sweet searing, constant bouts of orgasmic highs. Highs so strong, sexual desperation will rock your body as formidable flames of impulse dance around your core until you’re begging to lose control…


My body tensed.

His touch was unhurried but perfectly rousing.

His lips upon mine had the makings of a hit love song.

A night of lovemaking so passionate I was still feeling the effects in the lifetime

I just left behind.

He spun my thoughts with sweet nothings.

No feeling has ever sustained me so deep or flooded my veins with energy so positive and


I gave birth to super hero babies so knowledgeable and gifted

I can still feel the kicks of joy during their conceiving.

Our lovemaking was just that deep.


Second-2/13-Say He’ll Be My Valentine-Aubreé Pynn
img_8014 2


The minute he laid eyes on her, he knew that everything was going to change.

Kaliah needed a break from her life. Antonio needed her.

Arriving at the Canbury hotel, love was the last thing on either of their minds. After a busy year with her acting career and a need to reset, Kaliah James finds herself in the mountains of Montana unable to resist an enchanting stranger by the name of Antonio Clark.

Antonio Clark is on his way to Portland from Philadelphia when his jet has to make an emergency stop. With Canbury being the only hotel for miles and his changed plans, his only option is to take the cards he was dealt and rest up for his flight home. His plans were quickly canceled with he met the beautiful, down to earth Kaliah James.

Going against everything they knew, three days isn’t enough time together, but they make it work. An unspoken agreement lies between the two, what happens at the Canbury Hotel stays at the Canbury Hotel.

After returning back to their normal lives apart, it becomes painfully clear that they aren’t meant to be without one another. Antonio wants every ounce of Kaliah, and Kaliah wants to live in the safety net of Antonio’s security.

With their lives moving in two different directions can they meet in the middle, or will the magic of the Canbury Hotel be a memory?

Find out in Say He’ll Be My Valentine!


Antonio Clark

Covering my ears with my gold wrapped Beats headphones, I started up the treadmill and began to run to Meek Mills “Championships.” This album was now one of my favorites and got me through the monotony of running on a treadmill like a hamster.

After six miles and a good stretch, I headed back up to my room. Exiting the elevator, I looked down the hall. I wasn’t exactly proud of taking my frustrations out on a total stranger the night before. It was only fitting to apologize for my actions.

I usually wasn’t a man to put myself out there, but something about her drew me in. Also, we didn’t exactly have a pleasant exchange yet. Hoping to turn that around, I tapped my knuckles against her door. Regretfully waiting on her to open the door, I tried to tell my feet to back up. They didn’t. They were planted.

Seeing the door pull open, she poked her head out and traced her eyes over me. With a squint of those eyes, she looked up at me oddly. “Okay…”

“So, I want to know if you’ll join me for breakfast. Just as an apology for last night,” I spoke up after clearing my throat.

“I don’t know you,” her eyes continued to squint with uncertainty.

“This is true,” I chuckled nervously. “But if you meet me downstairs for breakfast you could. If you’re downstairs in 15, I’ll take it as a yes, if not no harm no foul.”

Nodding her head slowly she flashed an uneasy smile before pushing the door closed.

I didn’t know what my brain was doing, but I prayed I didn’t regret mixing myself up with this girl. As beautiful as she may be, I didn’t need another headache.


Third-2/14-With All My Heart-Shenaé Hailey



For Prism Wells, her entire life has been planned out for her. That’s usually what happens when you are born and raised in Harts Fall. The medium sized old school town holds onto traditions and values that a lot of people may consider outdated – including arranged marriages.

In Harts Fall, parents choose mates for their children in order of age. With Prism Wells being the second youngest daughter out of the Wells clan, she has three other sisters that must be married before she has her chance. Unwilling to wait for an indefinite amount of time, Prism decides to not only take her love life into her own hands, but her career, too.

Graham Richardson bleeds loyalty. His values are near and dear to his heart. Anything he can do for his family or close friends he does with no questions or expectations of anything in return. This part of his character, this unwavering loyalty, is the reason he agrees to marrying the woman his parents chose for him… at the same time that he offers one of his oldest friends’ sister a job.

The second Prism Wells steps foot into his office, Graham knows she’s going to be trouble. Trouble in the most teasing and tempting way. In an instant, his desire to remain loyal to his family lessens as his desire to be loyal to his own heart builds. But will it be that easy to get out of the commitment he made or will both Graham and Prism learn that in Harts Fall, hearts can also break and stay that way.

Please note: This is a novella. Though it has a beginning, middle, and end, it is told as a short novella. If you prefer novels that are over 25,000 words in length, please skip this title and read a previously published novel by Shenaé Hailey or B. Love.


Inhaling a deep breath, I took the knob of the door into my hand and tightened my grip around it. Opening it fully, my eyes landed on Graham immediately.

“Damn,” I whispered under my breath at the sight of him.

Somehow, time had made him twice as fine. Fine didn’t even seem like the right word to describe Graham. His skin was the color of an Americano. Rich, dark, smooth. Thick and straight eyebrows hovered over tightly upturned dark eyes. Those eyes were always dreadfully empty – until he smiled. Which was hardly ever, except when he spoke to me.

He had deep waves in his tapered fade. A medium length beard drew attention to his full, purplish brown lips. Lips I’d desperately wanted to kiss over the years. They had the type of plumpness that made you want to tug the bottom one into your mouth.

Graham stood, reminding me of his huge frame. Couldn’t say for sure, but he had to be at least six-four or six-five because my father was six feet even and Graham was way taller than him. And thicker. His frame was muscular. Like a bodyguard or someone paid to perfect their physique.

He loosened his tie, drawing my attention to the way the white, crisp button-down shirt looked against his skin. A chocolate man in white had always been my weakness. Now was no different.

“Hey, big guy,” I greeted, feeling a rush of familiarity and happiness wash over me, but I shoved it back quickly as I shook my head. “Oh my God that was so unprofessional. Hello, Gra– Mr… Attorney Richardson.”

Graham chuckled quietly, lowering his head. Robbing me of that beautiful smile and the way it lightened his eyes.

“Prism,” he greeted, smile fading as he looked into my eyes. “Close the door.”

I did. Remaining there, I cupped my hands together, pressing the folder I’d brought in against my stomach and pelvis.

“Have a seat,” Graham offered, arm extended towards the chair that was across from his.

Making my way over to the chair, I kept reminding myself of how to walk. How to breathe. How to speak. Because in that moment, only thoughts of how handsome he looked and how good he smelled were consuming me. We sat across from each other, neither of us in a rush to say anything. Graham sat up in his seat, almost as if he wanted, needed to get closer to me.


I had a bad habit of doing this.

Seeing what I wanted to see instead of what was really there.

He’d made it clear that he wasn’t interested in me, and it was in my best interest – personally and professionally – if I remembered that.

“How have you been, Prism?”

My stomach felt empty for different reasons now as it fluttered. Graham held my eyes captive as he stared into them. Pulse racing, I forced myself to look away to regain my composure.

“Good,” I answered, turning back in his direction. “You?”

“Good.” He paused, stared at me as if there was something he wanted to say, but he remained silent as he licked his lips.

“Um…” I cleared my throat and dropped my head. Pulling my resume out I confessed, “There isn’t much on here, but, Harley said I had to have one.”

His smile. My God his smile. His smile was going to be the death of me. Graham reached across his desk, and as soon as he took the resume out of my hand and brushed his fingers against mine my skin tingled. Chills covered my arm as I cupped my hands in my lap. Not even bothering to look over my resume, Graham continued to trace every area of my face with his eyes.

“You don’t have any experience working in an office, correct?” He stood, and I was sure this interview was about to be over before it started.


Graham nodded. He tapped the top of his desk with his pointing finger as he stared at me.

“I’m sorry.” Graham loosened his tie even more as he turned his back to me and walked over to the window. I hadn’t even bothered to look around, didn’t care how anything looked other than him. “I don’t mean to keep staring at you but…”

“It’s the nose ring, huh? I would have taken it out, but I just got it done. And if I take it out it will close almost immediately. But I can go back to the shop and have them to put a clear, plastic stud in if I get the job.”

“No.” Graham turned, and I swear the light of the sun shining through the blinds hit his skin just right. So right he looked like divinity in disguise. Like an angel right before my very eyes. “It’s not the nose ring. It’s… you’re beautiful.” He slowly walked back over to his desk. “You’ve always been beautiful, but, you’re…” A small smile formed before he licked his lips. “Grown woman beautiful now. Not that I looked at you like that when you were underage it’s just…”

“I get it,” I blurted, not wanting him to say anything else that would confuse my heart.

I knew I was beautiful, and I wasn’t surprised by Graham’s compliment. Looks apparently didn’t mean anything to him, though. Otherwise he wouldn’t have made it clear that he didn’t see me that way and that I wasn’t his type.

“Thank you. You are as handsome as you’ve always been.”

Massaging his chin, Graham nodded as he sat back down.

“As far as I’m concerned you have the job. We already have a receptionist, so I would need to work something out with my parents and the other two partners here at the firm. I could bring you on as my personal assistant if you’re comfortable with that or make Hillary my parent’s assistant and you the office receptionist. Would you be comfortable working closely with me?”

Hell no.

Hell yes.

I nodded, unsure of what would come out of my mouth if I opened it.

When I say you don’t want to miss what BLP has in store for this coming LOVE week…you DON’T want to miss it!







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