Hey, beauties!

Tomorrow India Norfleet returns with Slow Stroke Me and we have one last sneak peek to share with you!



Poetry has never been a bad influence until now…

Slow Stroke Me: Lick my Poetic Flames, is the most profoundly arousing compilation of poetic expression to ever caress your frontal lobe. Every moment between these pages will leave you breathless and inspired to forgo careful inhibitions and average loving for sweet searing, constant bouts of orgasmic highs. Highs so strong, sexual desperation will rock your body as formidable flames of impulse dance around your core until you’re begging to lose control…

A word from the author:

To seduce your mind, make love to your thoughts, and leave you breathless with climactic proportions as you explore the pages of my erotic verse, is the ultimate goal of mine as you indulge in my naughty foreplay. Slowly take in the strength and realness of my words while your body reacts to the deliciousness of the moment. Give your mind room to grant your soul permission to savor every word unapologetically and mentally feed you the fuel needed to fill you with a fullness that nothing else in this world can…


Warning: Short, sweet, but Rated R. 

He loved my p*y.

Said it was dangerously intense,

and magically delicious.

I was wet before his d*k filled me with dreams

and energy I’d lusted after for years before he came into my life.


*Grabs fan*

If you read Thrill My Soul: Poetically Nasty by Nature then you KNOW this is one collection of poetry you don’t want to miss!



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