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Tomorrow, Aubreé Pynn returns with Book 3 of the BLP Say He series, Say He’ll Be My Valentine and we have one more final sneak peek just for you!

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Covering my ears with my gold wrapped Beats headphones, I started up the treadmill and began to run to Meek Mills’ “Championships.” This album was now one of my favorites and got me through the monotony of running on a treadmill like a hamster.

After six miles and a good stretch, I headed back up to my room. Exiting the elevator, I looked down the hall. I wasn’t exactly proud of taking my frustrations out on a total stranger the night before. It was only fitting to apologize for my actions.

I usually wasn’t a man to put myself out there, but something about her drew me in. Also, we didn’t exactly have a pleasant exchange yet. Hoping to turn that around, I tapped my knuckles against her door. Regretfully waiting on her to open the door, I tried to tell my feet to back up. They didn’t. They were planted.

Seeing the door pull open, she poked her head out and traced her eyes over me. With a squint of those eyes, she looked up at me oddly.


“So, I want to know if you’ll join me for breakfast. Just as an apology for last night,” I spoke up after clearing my throat.

“I don’t know you.” Her eyes continued to squint with uncertainty.

“This is true.” I chuckled nervously. “But if you meet me downstairs for breakfast you could. If you’re downstairs in 15, I’ll take it as a yes, if not, no harm no foul.”

Nodding her head slowly, she flashed an uneasy smile before pushing the door closed.

I didn’t know what my brain was doing, but I prayed I didn’t regret mixing myself up with this girl. As beautiful as she may be, I didn’t need another headache.


Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough! We hope you’re ready to 1-click this beauty!



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