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For Prism Wells, her entire life has been planned out for her. That’s usually what happens when you are born and raised in Harts Fall. The medium sized old school town holds onto traditions and values that a lot of people may consider outdated – including arranged marriages.

In Harts Fall, parents choose mates for their children in order of age. With Prism Wells being the second youngest daughter out of the Wells clan, she has three other sisters that must be married before she has her chance. Unwilling to wait for an indefinite amount of time, Prism decides to not only take her love life into her own hands, but her career, too.

Graham Richardson bleeds loyalty. His values are near and dear to his heart. Anything he can do for his family or close friends he does with no questions or expectations of anything in return. This part of his character, this unwavering loyalty, is the reason he agrees to marrying the woman his parents chose for him… at the same time that he offers one of his oldest friends’ sister a job.

The second Prism Wells steps foot into his office, Graham knows she’s going to be trouble. Trouble in the most teasing and tempting way. In an instant, his desire to remain loyal to his family lessens as his desire to be loyal to his own heart builds. But will it be that easy to get out of the commitment he made or will both Graham and Prism learn that in Harts Fall, hearts can also break and stay that way.

Please note: This is a novella. Though it has a beginning, middle, and end, it is told as a short novella. If you prefer novels that are over 25,000 words in length, please skip this title and read a previously published novel by Shenaé Hailey or B. Love.



“This is Graham,” I answered, nodding at my father as he closed the door behind them.

“You must be at the office? That’s the only time you answer your phone like that, Almighty.”

With a smile, I sat back down in my chair. Pushing the seat back, I lifted my feet onto my desk and crossed my ankles. It didn’t matter how old we got, everyone from back in the day called me Almighty. My size and abilities on the football field brought a lot of attention my way. Attention that I admittedly ate up in my younger days.

“You know it. To what do I owe the pleasure of having the Harley Wells on my line?”

She chuckled into the phone making me smile harder. Harley was one of my closest friends. Back in high school we were inseparable. Probably still could have been that way if things didn’t get weird between us a few years ago. That was on me, though, so I tried to keep my distance from her to avoid it ever coming back up or being an issue again.

“I need a favor, Graham.”

The seriousness in her tone caused me to sit up in my seat. “Whatever you need.”

“It’s Prism…”

At the sound of her name, the rest of Harley’s words trailed off.


The living embodiment of the definition of her name. She was both clarification and distortion, fucking up my views of life and love. They both were supposed to be things that were easy to understand, manage, and cause to prosper abundantly. But when it came down to Prism, she confused the fuck out of me.

I couldn’t understand how someone who felt so for me could be so against the idea of us.

But that wasn’t for me to understand.

The moment Harley made it clear to me that Prism wasn’t attracted to and interested in me, I cut my heart off. Detached it from her as much as I possibly could. For years, I walked Harley home just to be able to see and speak to Prism. Just to be able to be in her presence for thirty seconds. Just to be able to see her shy smile and the way she lowered her eyes when I looked at her for too long.

For a while, I thought that was her reaction to me because she was into me too, but after talking to Harley I realized that wasn’t true. Coincidently, every man she dated after that point were total and complete opposites of me. From the way they looked to the way they talked, dressed, and acted. That was all the confirmation I needed that she wasn’t for me… no matter how much my heart wanted her to be.


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