Final Sneak Peek – IN NEED OF YOU

Hey, beautiful! Here’s one final look into Deshon Dreamz “In Need of You” before it goes live tomorrow!



Synthia Gissup is no stranger to hard work. In fact, hard work is the only kind she’s familiar with. That hustle leads to a promotion that she eagerly takes. Her decision lands her in New York, at the branch headquarter for up and coming magazine, Just Us. She quickly finds that the fast-paced hustle of New York is a lot different from the challenges she faced in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. She also quickly discovers that adjusting to the workload is the least of her problems. Her biggest dilemma is her unruly attraction to her new boss, Tate Grant.

Tate has always been a front liner campaigning for not mixing business with pleasure. After an office scandal that leaves a bad taste in his mouth, Tate vowed to never get mixed into an affair – real or otherwise – with any woman in his office. That is, until the undeniable, soft spoken beauty walks into his office and gets assigned to him. Now, he battles with holding true to his stance or tossing it out the window to indulge his unyielding interest in Synthia Gissup.

Sneak Peek


She was the beauty that had sent the men in this office into a frenzy when the email blast with the news of her promotion was sent out. Honestly, the picture in that email did her no justice at all.
Based on the stirring in my gut as my eyes took her in, I could conclude that I was in trouble like a mothafucka. She was fucking breathtaking. I wasn’t being dramatic when I said that neither. She was literally the sexiest woman that I’d ever laid eyes on, and I was man enough to admit that I’d had my fair share of beautiful women. None of them, and I meant none of them, held a candle to the newly promoted Synthia Gissup.
“Is that how they are making them in Texas because shit, if so, I need to move.”
I couldn’t agree with Bryant more. I literally couldn’t. I’d move too if I knew that the city had women that looked like her.
She was quiet, and I wasn’t sure if that’s how she naturally was or if her coyness was offset by the fact that she was in a new city with new people and a different vibe.
She had a lot of hair, edgy, undercut, curly everywhere else. Her body was perfect, filling out her white blouse and pencil shirt that stopped mid-calf to perfection. Her smooth caramel skin reminded me of the Werther’s candy that my grandmother used to give me in church. I used to love them, even in my adulthood I would indulge from time to time. Her eyes were a light brown color, sparks of green in their depths. The only reason I knew that was because I spent a lot of time after they sent that email about her out, just admiring her beauty. I also had the pleasure of watching her without her seeing me when she was at the printer earlier.

Despite that notion, I leaned forward to grab her attention. Those beautiful ass eyes rounded as they made their way to me. “Can I speak to you outside for a moment, Ms. Gissup?”
I watched her nod before she grabbed her folder off the table. “Excuse us.” I stated as Ms. Gissup stood, walking around the table. I waited for her, following behind her as she walked out of the conference room. When we made it outside, she turned to me, a smile toying at her lips.
“You, uh, don’t like the numbers part I’m assuming?”
I stood there looking at her, surprised that she spoke first.
I smiled at her. “Yeah, that’s the boring part. Always has been.”
She lifted the folder to press it against her chest before inhaling. Waiting for me to let her know why the hell I had her in this hallway. I had to remember that we were in the office because I wanted to be that folder so bad. I wanted to be pressed against her. Inside of her. I wanted to be all over her. All of me. Inside, around, below – it didn’t matter. I just wanted in. In Ms. Gissup. Fuck my life.

We hope you’re ready to 1click this baby tomorrow!


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