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First-2/19-Only If You Let Me-Monica Walters



Failure isn’t what comes to mind when one thinks of marriage. Ansley Malveaux surely thought her life was perfect. Being married with three beautiful kids, and a job she loved, was the life she’d always dreamed of. Unfortunately, after seven years, her marriage had become just that – a failure. Learning to navigate through her new life as a single mother is exhausting and takes her on an emotional journey she isn’t ready for, especially after meeting Jayden Young. Fear of moving on has her frozen in space, but Jayden is threatening to melt her heart at every turn.

Being in love with a woman that isn’t in love with him is the worst feeling ever for Jayden Young. Ansley has put him in the friend zone and he’s patiently waited for her to change her mind. His whole mission is to help her rebuild her trust in men and love, by showing her he’s trustworthy to handle her fragile heart.

As if life doesn’t have enough challenges of its own, Ansley and Jayden find themselves in avoidable situations. Situations that, if they would only be true to themselves and each other, wouldn’t arise. Ansley pushes against Jayden’s every attempt at loving her, and at some point, she wonders if he’ll ever grow tired of her rejection. Will they finally work through the fears that cripple their blossoming relationship and threaten to dismantle their friendship? Or will they choose to stop fighting for love and let their fears prevail?


I shook my head slowly. She was so stubborn. I finished the rest of my food, then stood to take my plate to the kitchen to get more ribs from the pan. Ansley brought her plate to the sink as I headed back to the table. I ate my second helping of ribs while she cleaned the kitchen, softly humming. Glancing at her, I watched her hips sway at the sink and her curls bounce around her shoulders. Normally she wore a ponytail.

Had she gone through the trouble for me? I hoped not. She was beautiful, no matter what she wore or how her hair was styled. When I finished, I brought my plate to the sink and pressed my body against hers. She was washing a pot and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her waist. The way her body trembled made mine do the same. Slowly turning her around, I could see the desire in her eyes, and oh how I wanted to give her everything she craved. I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her softly, hoping she didn’t stop me.

She lifted her wet, sudsy hands to my cheeks and pulled me in deeper. Oh, fuck yeah. I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her body into mine. Doing my best not to be too rough, I lowered my hands to her ass and squeezed. I’d been dying for this opportunity to present itself again. Her tongue eased into my mouth as she let out a soft moan.

My dick was hard as ever, and he was ready to pounce. It had been over six months since he’d dove into ecstasy. I lifted her and sat her on the edge of the sink, then tongue kissed her neck. “Ahh, Jayden.”

Shit, her moans sounded so good. I lifted her once again and went to the couch as she wrapped those legs around me. When I sat down, the heat that landed on my shit was about to make me leak everywhere. Ansley’s eyes were closed as I gently caressed her ass and kissed her neck, then her shoulder.

I lifted my shirt over my head and began to slowly untie her wrap dress. She was grinding into me and I was about to nut on myself. “Shit, Ans,” I said softly as I looked at her erect nipples.

When I put my lips on them it was like she snapped. Ansley quickly jumped from my lap, leaving me confused and horny as fuck. I stared at her as she put her arms over her breasts and picked up her wrap from the floor. What the fuck just happened? “I’m sorry, Jayden. I can’t.”

I stood from my seat and approached her slowly. “Ans, please. I’m practically at the point of no return.”


Second-2/20-The Way You Lie-Aubreé Pynn



Asharia Dupre, better known as Dallas to her college friends, has the perfect life – or so she thought. After opening her third salon in the D.M.V, she gets an unexpected visit from her best friend. Alexia Horton is in town for a conference to check in on her friend and reclaim everything that was once hers.

While Asharia is taking huge strides in her career, Sebastian Dupre is facing the music that maybe his wife is stepping out of his shadow. With fear of losing his wife to her overdue success, Sebastian’s behavior becomes erratic and lands him in a situation he doesn’t want to get out of.

While Asharia is taking care of her business, Alexia is lurking too close for comfort. Sebastian’s skeletons start creeping out the closet for one last rendezvous. Can Sebastian fix the impact of the damage, or will the news of his lies tear him and Asharia apart forever?

Find out in The Way You Lie!


Asharia Dupre’

“Blaze, this party is live!” Bas complemented with a fist bump over his booth. “Mind if I steal her for a second?”

“I’m okay. Really,” I spoke up looking wearily at Blaze, who nodded in agreement. Here was the one moment I needed him to be overprotective and he was just going to shrug me off. I didn’t want to be at the party let alone be alone with Sebastian Dupre’.

“I don’t bite. Just want to get you a drink that doesn’t burn your chest and maybe talk to you without having to yell,” he smiled with a whisper in my ear. His closeness was causing me to look for an exit to run away. Alexia knew better than this. She knew that stuff like this made me highly uncomfortable. Gulping nervously, he took my reluctant hand in his. “I’ll take care of you. I promise.”

I looked back at Alexia who waved me off and mouthed, “Go.”

Ending up outside with this cup clasped tightly in my hands, I fretfully stared down at the Ape juice swirl around in my cup. Blaze warned me about drinking this bathtub concoction. Sitting my drink down on the knee-high brick wall, I sighed tugging at my dress.

“Nervous?” he asked, taking a sip from his cup. “Don’t be mad at Alexia. I didn’t know how to approach you, so I asked her to throw me an assist.”

“An assist? So, I’m a basketball. Great,” I groaned with irritation that had been brewing since we got here. “Listen, I’m not really the type of girl you want. I’m not going to give it up or get all stupid over you. I don’t care about who you are or what you do. So, let’s just not waste each other’s time. Thank you, but no thank you. Tell Alexia I’ll see her later.”

 Overall, I was vexed as hell. I wasn’t here for the kicks and giggles. I might have been quiet, but I was no fool. My daddy didn’t raise one of those, rest his soul. I wasn’t about to get stupid over some letters and a jersey that was worn by a tall caramel man who was chiseled just right and had a thick accent from New Orleans. I was good on that.

Walking back to my dorm room, I groaned kicking my heels off and continuing my pursuit barefoot. “Dallas!” I heard Sebastian call behind me. Looking over my shoulder to see him lightly jog towards me, I rolled my eyes and continued with my stride. “Wait up.”

Third-2/21-Until You Were Mine-ShanicexLola



“I was certain I knew what I wanted… until you were mine.” —Aumora Puri

Aumora Puri’s most complicated secret has come forth with vengeance. Just when she thought she had it all figured out, karma erupted in a brutal, unexpected fashion. A video of her betrayal surfaced and brought her to her knees at the mercy of the man she truly loved. With her back against the wall, she’s trapped with the decision to drop the ball and escape the turmoil, or fight for the love of her life.

Kingston Neill was the ultimate package. As a man who preferred to take charge and lead, he willingly took care of Aumora’s every superficial want and need. The ruthless discovery of his lover seeking attention elsewhere took a shot at his manhood. Kingston’s livelihood was placed on the line, and being faced with the unforgivable was a hard vision to shake. Flustered at the impudent realization of Aumora’s deception, Kingston finds himself stuck in place, mentally impaired on what to do next.

In the final installment of A Formidable Love, deciding whether to hold on or let go of the one you love becomes a daunting task for Aumora and Kingston. 



“You have your days, King. Sometimes you look disgusted with me and I can’t take it.” I sobbed.

Eyes closed.

Labored breathing.

Chest rising and dropping defeatedly.

I sobbed like I was experiencing a death that was too close to home. And maybe I was. 

Perhaps our love would never be the same. I feared that notion tremendously.

“Aumora, c’mon, man.” He dropped his head. His deep baritone aired tired. Kingston was seemingly defeated from our unfortunate circumstance. 

And it was all my fault.

“Are these sessions even helping us? It’s been three months.”


“It’s been ninety days, King. When will you forgive me?”

“I have forgiven you!” He’d raised his voice slightly, and I was taken aback. 

I was immediately regretful that I’d upset him… again.

Kingston held me in his arms securely. Towering over me as I wept in his embrace, he leaned in to press his succulent, full lips against my forehead.

“You gotta stop doing this to yourself, baby. I have my days. You can’t control that.”

“I wish I could, King.” I shook my head. “I really wish I could.”

“I’m here. That’s not enough?”

“It’s everything,” I whispered. “More than enough.” I snuggled against him closely—as closely as I could get. Lying my head on his chest, I reached up to rub his thick, refined beard. “Everything,” I repeated.

“Prove it. Remind me how much it means to you when I have my days, Mora. Hold me down.” He lifted my chin with two fingers, forcing me to face him. “That time shit doesn’t mean much to me. I want loyalty. Honesty. Respect.”

“I’ve been giving you that. I would never betray you again. I promised.” Rubbing through his beard, I gazed deeply in his eyes, hoping he could read me. Kingston was always good at reading me. In this moment, I needed him to understand my heart.

Fourth-2/22-Used To Know Her-A. Bryant 



Zoey used to know who she was. She knew what she wanted and didn’t want, who her family was, and most importantly what her future would hold – until she met Trey Lowe. Trey turns her life upside down in ways Zoey doesn’t expect and makes Zoey realize she doesn’t know a thing about who she truly is. This is a story of a young woman finding out the truth about herself and love.

Trey is an adrenaline junky. He takes calculated risks and enjoys every minute of it. Then he met Zoey and didn’t think someone could turn his entire life and heart upside down. He had his whole life planned and it didn’t include being responsible for another woman. Join Trey and Zoey on a journey towards happiness, love, and self-discovery. Will their journeys pull them together permanently or push them apart once they realize who they truly are?

Please note: This is book one of a series. Each book features a different couple with updates on previous characters. Sexual content included.


The Great Debate

“I know but you have a law degree, Trey. You’re smarter than this. You’re better than this.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“It means… why are you, an educated black man, placing yourself in a system that wants you dead? It makes no sense to me. Fight me.”

“Well I think working as a cop, I can change the system. Isn’t that what you teach your students? Social change sociology sociology blah blah blah?” I mocked to get under her skin. She takes her job so seriously it’s the cutest thing in the world.

Zoey scrunches up her face and says, “Yeah, but you know ain’t no cop changing shit. Say it’s for the money, say it’s all you can do because you qualify, say you have some hero complex. Say something other than shrugging it off.”

“I have no comment Zoey. Move on along.”

“See, what you not gonna do is try to make me seem crazy. There’s something up with you and this job. Policing in America is rough. It’s not easy when you have all the extra societal pressures included in your job description. So, give it to me straight no chaser.”

“Zoey, I have nothing to share. I’m a cop. I like being a cop. That’s my end goal.”


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