Hey, gorgeous! We have one final look into “The Way You Lie” for you before it goes live tomorrow.



Asharia Dupre, better known as Dallas to her college friends, has the perfect life – or so she thought. After opening her third salon in the D.M.V, she gets an unexpected visit from her best friend. Alexia Horton is in town for a conference to check in on her friend and reclaim everything that was once hers.

While Asharia is taking huge strides in her career, Sebastian Dupre is facing the music that maybe his wife is stepping out of his shadow. With fear of losing his wife to her overdue success, Sebastian’s behavior becomes erratic and lands him in a situation he doesn’t want to get out of.

While Asharia is taking care of her business, Alexia is lurking too close for comfort. Sebastian’s skeletons start creeping out the closet for one last rendezvous. Can Sebastian fix the impact of the damage, or will the news of his lies tear him and Asharia apart forever?

Find out in The Way You Lie!


Room 836

 Stopping in front of the door, I hesitated before I raised my hand to knock on the door. My heart was pounding against my chest. I had no business here, both of us knew it. I should’ve been home making things right with my wife. I’d ignored all these missed calls and texts from her. Seeing the door open and exposing Alexia who, of course, wore the most tempting outfit she could find. It had been a year since I saw Alexia. Asha thought my demeanor towards her was cold, that was just me trying to keep my pants up and honor my vows. Initially, when I texted her, I wanted to talk about her backing off so I could have my wife to myself again, but all that flew out the window upon me stepping into this room.

“Wasn’t expecting to hear from you. You know, since you cut me off and everything,” she started pulling her silk robe shut. It was too late for that. I already saw everything she had to offer, and I was fully awake. These Jordan sweatpants were going to tell all of my secrets. “Asha doesn’t know you’re here, right?”

“No,” I answered before scratching my head. “I-I should go, this was a bad idea.”


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