Hey, beauty! Tomorrow A. Bryant releases her debut novel, Used To Know Her, book one of the “Used To” series and we have one final sneak peek for you!



Zoey used to know who she was. She knew what she wanted and didn’t want, who her family was, and most importantly what her future would hold – until she met Trey Lowe. Trey turns her life upside down in ways Zoey doesn’t expect and makes Zoey realize she doesn’t know a thing about who she truly is. This is a story of a young woman finding out the truth about herself and love.

Trey is an adrenaline junky. He takes calculated risks and enjoys every minute of it. Then he met Zoey and didn’t think someone could turn his entire life and heart upside down. He had his whole life planned and it didn’t include being responsible for another woman. Join Trey and Zoey on a journey towards happiness, love, and self-discovery. Will their journeys pull them together permanently or push them apart once they realize who they truly are?

Please note: This is book one of a series. Each book features a different couple with updates on previous characters. Sexual content included.


Bacon Egg and Cheese

“I gotta be real Zoey from the looks of your home, you’ve accomplished not being like your parents. Why you not married and having kids right now?”

“Why aren’t you married with kids?”

She throws the question right back at me. I stare at her and notice, for the millionth time, how absolutely gorgeous she is. The urge to take her down returns and I feel my mans rising.

“I think it’s time for me to go.” I glance at my watch and stand up. The sun was coming up, so I was sure my partner already left.

“Oh damn. Yeah. I’m going to run to the corner store to grab some breakfast,” she says walking to the door with me.

Instead of her heels, she throws on her running sneakers and stuffs some cash into her back pocket. That move made me look down at her peach. Throwing caution to the wind again, I grab a handful. “Is this real?”

She busts out laughing so hard she actually snorts.  “Have you encountered a fake one?” She sobers and asks.

“Yes, actually.” I just had to ask. Now, I don’t mind a fake ass, but I like to know if she was born with it or not.

“My ass is very real. I don’t see the point in surgery for a look. The only surgery I’m opting for is one that’ll save my life. Besides I’ve never been so pressed to impress a man in my life.”


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