Hey, gorgeous! We have one final look into S. Rever’s next release “The One That Got Away” for you before it goes live tomorrow.



Gabriella Andrews always believed in the saying, it takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when her baby’s father acts like he didn’t get the memo? Fed up and tired, Gabriella finally decides to walk away. With the help of her crazy best friend and even crazier mom, Gabriella finds herself with a new lease on life, with no intentions of finding someone new. You could only imagine what happens when she runs into Mr. Nortrenzo Smith.

Nortrenzo Smith is the oldest of two boys and the owner of Zo’s Restaurant. His only goal in life besides building an empire is to find his Queen to help run it. With one failed relationship under his belt, he wasn’t as quick to start again – until he met the bright eyed, soft spoken Gabriella.

What happens when a blast from the past comes back into your life and shakes things up?

When Gemini Jameson left college, she left the drama and heartache behind right along with it. Now the proud owner of Dynamic Gem, she’s thrown for a loop when the man she vowed to never speak to again walks back into her life reclaiming the attention of her body and her heart. Will she stick to her guns, or will she fall back into the web of Mr. Alonzo Smith?

Alonzo Smith, the youngest of the two Smith boys, has had his fair share of bombed relationships. It started with the one that got away and ended with his daughters’ egg donor. With a chance encounter at his brother’s restaurant, Alonzo found himself back in the presence of the one and only Gemini Jameson. He vowed to win her back by any means necessary, refusing to let her get away a second time. 

But with every romance, there comes drama. Take a ride with these four love birds and see if they conquer love even with exes lurking around every corner.


“What’s your biggest fear?”

I watched her face as she thought over my question.

“Honestly, death. More so dying without leaving my mark. Leaving behind a legacy that continues to benefit and bless others. What’s your biggest fear?” Her eyes connected with mine, and for the first time I wasn’t sure.

Of course I could say something superficial like heights or bugs, but what is something I truly fear? Picking up her other leg, I started to massage it the same way as I truly thought about my answer.

“I think it’s failure. For years I’ve placed so much pressure on myself to be successful that I’m scared as hell of failing. Failing as a business owner, failing as a boyfriend, hell even failing as a father figure. My dad set such a great example that I feel like if I don’t reach his level I failed,” taking a deep breath, I got silent and so did Gabriella.

Soon, I felt her leg being removed from my hands. Turning to look at her, she wrapped the towel around her body tighter and sat up. Placing my hand in hers, she kissed my palm and placed it against her chest.

“You’re an amazing man. You’ve stepped up in ways I could never fully thank you for. You’re a true King in his own right that doesn’t have to follow a life defined by the ways and characteristics of others. Sure, you may make a mistake, but who doesn’t? What’s important is the lesson you learn and the strength you gain to move forward. There is no failing.”

A warmth swept through my body. I’d never felt this before. I knew she was my Queen, and this was only confirmation. The true strength, power, and determination to not only be an amazing mother but an amazing role model and an even better support system and girlfriend spoke volumes.


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