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First-2/26-Say He’ll Go Deeper-India Norfleet



When Ryleigh Wright finds herself unlucky in love for what seems like the millionth time, she decides she’s done trying to nurse her broken heart back to good health and concludes that love just isn’t in the cards for her. An extremely handsome man enters her life and challenges her to see beyond her pain and get her to realize that maybe she’s given up on love too soon. Ryleigh begins to second guess everything she’s forced herself to believe…including the fact that the deeper he goes inside her, the harder it’ll be to make a sound decision where her heart is concerned…

Kingston “King” Lyons knew from the moment he laid eyes on Ryleigh that he wanted her with an urgency he’d never felt before. He has an indescribable hunger to wrap his arms around Ryleigh and slide into her deeply. The pleasure would leave her speechless, and Kingston sets out to do just that. Unfortunately, being in her presence is just as addictive, and it’s all he can think of and all he wants. But before he has a chance to spill his heart, mayhem is suddenly unleashed. Actions are called into question, and regret suddenly looms overhead, leaving behind doubt deep enough to drown in and scars painful enough to never heal.


“Ryleigh like it or not, your ass is my business. You’ve run from me for the last three years, you owe me an explanation.  You also owe it to yourself to quit fighting how you feel. Let me show you how deep a man should be stroking yo’ pussy on a fucking regular ass basis.”

“King, I don’t know what you mean but—”

“Yeah you do Ry.” Kingston boldly reached up and gently ran a hand down Ryleigh’s cheek until he reached her neck, grazing there softly before he finally pulled away and let his hand fall back down to his side. “And I think it’s about time you let me show you something other than the heartbreak and mediocre sex you’re used to.”

Second-2/27-The Way You Lie: Aftershock-Aubreé Pynn



The eye of the hurricane is peaceful

So much that we forget…

The worst part is on the way.

Asharia and Blaze are enjoying their peaceful life and counting down the days until their bundle of joy arrives. What they don’t know is that a seismic vibration is coming to offset the structure of their life. Asharia thought that every door to her past life was closed, but the storm blows it open and quickly reminds her that it’s not over yet.

Alexia and Sebastian are in trouble and desperately searching for a way out. Pulling Asharia into their crosshairs again, her reaction to their mess shifts the atmosphere. With one shock after another, Alexia and Sebastian’s worlds are turned over, forcing them to take a hard look in the mirror.

Can Asharia and Blaze’s foundation stand the aftershock of Alexia and Sebastian’s deception, or will it crumble? Find out in The Way You Lie: The Aftershock.


Asharia Kendrick – Anderson

“What the hell are you doing here?” My reaction to Sebastian Dupre’ leaning against the threshold of my salon was lethargic. After seeing the little bit of his life go up in flames on the news, I knew it would be a matter of time before he started weaseling his way around again. He always needed solace and as unfortunate as his karma was, I didn’t feel the need to offer him peace.

While Blaze was working, I decided to get out of the house and go to the salons. By the time I reached the door of the third salon, I was tired and I wanted to get back in the bed. Not to mention, I was having more than Braxton-Hicks contractions at this point.

“What? Not happy to see me?” he asked with a smug grin. Still the same old Sebastian, arrogant as hell. “I see you’re coming along nicely.”

“What do you want? Speak plainly. I don’t have all fucking day to entertain you,” I snarled through my teeth as I pushed the door to the salon open. There were two stylists in today tending to their clients. After I greeted everyone, I made my way to the office slowly while Bas trailed behind me.

“It wasn’t that hard to find you. Everyone knows who you are,” he shrugged. “You happy?”

“Don’t I look like I’m fuckboy free?” I quipped causing his brows to furrow. “What do you want? I have nothing for you. I don’t want to be seen with you. Anything attached to you crumbles into a thousand pieces or either goes up in flames. I will not risk Blazes’ reputation for the likes of you.”

His energy was heavy and the sight of him was irritating. I knew I should’ve stayed my ass at home today. Sebastian was cancer, he attacked whatever organ he could just to feel like he was in control. “Alexia know you’re here harassing me?”

“This isn’t harassment. This is two friends catching up,” he was cunning like the devil himself. Everything in his aura screamed brokenness. I couldn’t allow his broken pieces anywhere near my healed vessel. He would chip away until I shattered, again.

Third-2/28-God’s Hand In Us-Desiree Francies



Mary Sinclair was brought up in a black Baptist church in Baltimore, and she’d considered herself spiritual. She stayed celibate, kept her virginity despite what she really wanted, and she’d patronized her family’s congregation often.

Does that mean she’d stopped going to the club, no. Had she achieved much outside of her career in fashion, nope. Could she have considered herself happy with her life, not so much. An affinity for a good drink, and no issues in laying down her religion if the moment required, were her usual vices. Add in a serious temper problem, dysfunctional family members, a comical band of the usual suspects she called friends, and it all served for some pretty heavy drama.

A perfect stranger, Darold Carson Weathers, barged into her life one day and simply refused to leave. He seemed to actually enjoy pushing her buttons, which didn’t help matters at all in her eyes. And Mary never once saw herself ending up with a white man. Persistence, a couple of misunderstandings, and a few violent episodes of her own finally persuade her to see things just a bit differently. Two strong willed individuals who have a flare for confrontation and getting their way are then forced to grow and change in ways they had no intentions of. But could they grow together? Take this journey of unexpected love with Mary and Darold to find out!


Two more male arms cover mine in an attempt to hold me back. I keep fighting until I finally give up and fall to my knees. A warm male body I assume is Jay appears in front of me and pulls me to him. I just fall apart in his arms and weep into his chest.

“I’m… just… so… angry!” I say between sobs into his shirt.

“I know, Babe. I know,” comes from over my ear. I freeze. That is not the voice I expected to hear. But I know that voice and I also know exactly who it belongs to. I feel my eyes open and widen as they glance up to find my new friend.

“DC?” He places his hands on both sides of my face and wipes my hair away.

“It’s like this beastly thing looking for the exact moment to take over.” He ignores my astonishment. “This voice in your head and presence right next to you magnifying every wrong ever done to you and motivating you to seek absolution in the worst way possible.”

“You think there’s this one act or decision that will satisfy it. But Mary, nothing ever will. Trying to satisfy that beast is just going to take you some place you can never get back from. Look at what you almost did, you almost murdered your stepbrother. You almost threw your whole life away, baby.” He stares into my eyes willing me to see his point.

Fourth-3/1-I’ll Be Good To You-Chelsea Maria



Is it cliché to want a perfect love story? To have your heart beat out of rhythm and palms grow sweaty? Yazlyn Miller didn’t think so. In fact, the hopeless romantic has been in love with the idea of love since she became a witness to the unmeasurable lengths her father dedicated to giving her mother a fairytale love every day.

Yazlyn’s infatuation with love guided her to become one of the most sought-after Matchmakers in South Florida. Not only is she the go-to woman for all things love, but she has her own fairytale love story with the man that whisked her off her feet six years ago. The two have lived in such a bubble of bliss and utopia, that not even Yazlyn was prepared for the hurricane storm that tore down her veil of perfection. Now, she’s faced with a tough decision – Do I stay, or do I go?

What do you call a man that is wise above his years, strong-minded, determined, and sculpted in perfect chocolate? You call that man Kaalan Walker – a twenty-six-year-old who is returning back to his hometown after spending a year in Jamaica to handle some personal issues. Before he left the sunshine state, Kaalan was doing everything that young men his age do. Party, travel, and sow his wild oats. Now that he’s back, he’s ready to pick up where he left off, however, what he didn’t intend to pick up were strong feelings that immersed themselves within his heart for a burgundy locs matchmaker.

When it comes to Yazlyn, all is fair in love and war, and Kaalan stands by that oath. Regardless of the obstacles determined to keep them apart, Yazlyn and everyone else involved will quickly learn that when a man wants something, there is nothing or no one that can stop him from getting it.


Ringing the doorbell, she and I stood with wondering eyes looking at every nook and crevice of the home. Blame it on watching reruns on HGTV.

“Yeah, Mr. Toddler definitely is fine,” Georgia mumbled low enough for me to hear as we both stared at the god…I mean man who opened the door.

Dark denim jeans hung loosely off his narrow hips with grey Polo boxers rimming his waste. On his feet were the latest Lebron’s. I knew that because I just bought the same pair for Marshawn a week ago.

Trailing my eyes up from his feet, I noticed the bend in his legs.

Damn. He’s bowlegged.

Moving along my trail of admiration, I found myself biting my lip taking in the short black hairs that started below his navel and blossomed up his honey brown skin.

A man with chest hairs had always been a weakness for me. Then he had the nerve to have his muscled chest decorated in sexy tattoos. Just as I got to his neck I noticed he must’ve been in the middle of putting on a shirt. The white fabric hung on his arm and neck.

His neck.




My low eyes fluttered seeing his freshly trimmed goatee. He didn’t have a full beard like a lot of men were sporting nowadays. Instead, his was precisely trimmed to perfection and connected to his top lip…

Damn those lips.

Even with them being covered in toothpaste and hiked in a snarl, I could tell they were deliciously pink and juicy.

I took a breath when I reached the single stud in his nose and the set of expensive frames around his dark eyes. Eyes that were filled with humor from my open ogling yet filled with a look I hadn’t seen before.

“Y’all too fine to be Jehovah Witnesses, and today ain’t Saturday. What y’all want? I ain’t buying shit, and unless you got some girl scout cookies in them big ass bags I don’t want it.”

Georgia giggled like a star struck school girl.

I, on the other hand, was paralyzed.


Feet planted on this sexy creature’s doorstep ready to fall to the ground all from hearing the husk of his voice.

A voice that had no business belonging to a twenty-six-year-old man. That voice belonged on a full well-matured man.

In the middle of me staring, sketching his beauty in my brain, he continued brushing his teeth. He watched me just as I watched him, and then I saw them.

Two dimples.

Not just any ole dimples. These were deep. Sexy and I so wanted to spray whipped cream in them just to lick it off.

“Really, Kaalan? Can you go finish getting dressed?” A small body squeezed around him and rudely blocked my view of his peach fuzz chest. “Hi. I’m Kylie Walker. You must be Yazlyn.”

Finding my manners, I cleared my throat and introduced myself. “Hi. Nice to meet you. Yes, I’m Yazlyn Miller and this is my partner Georgia King.”

“Nice to meet you both. This is my Neanderthal brother, Kaalan Walker.” Kaalan nodded his head before walking away giving me another piece of his glory to drool over.

I loved the back of a man. Seeing his muscles flex and strain…goodness, I needed to get my mind right.

“Please come in.” Kylie stepped aside and waved for us to enter.

“Wipe your lip before you drool on these people floor,” Georgia whispered in my ear.

Knowing how I stared that man down I wouldn’t be surprised if drool was running down my face.


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