Hey, beauty!

Tomorrow Desiree Francies makes her debut with “God’s Hand In Us” and we have one final look to share with you.



Mary Sinclair was brought up in a black Baptist church in Baltimore, and she’d considered herself spiritual. She stayed celibate, kept her virginity despite what she really wanted, and she’d patronized her family’s congregation often.

Does that mean she’d stopped going to the club, no. Had she achieved much outside of her career in fashion, nope. Could she have considered herself happy with her life, not so much. An affinity for a good drink, and no issues in laying down her religion if the moment required, were her usual vices. Add in a serious temper problem, dysfunctional family members, a comical band of the usual suspects she called friends, and it all served for some pretty heavy drama.

A perfect stranger, Darold Carson Weathers, barged into her life one day and simply refused to leave. He seemed to actually enjoy pushing her buttons, which didn’t help matters at all in her eyes. And Mary never once saw herself ending up with a white man. Persistence, a couple of misunderstandings, and a few violent episodes of her own finally persuade her to see things just a bit differently. Two strong willed individuals who have a flare for confrontation and getting their way are then forced to grow and change in ways they had no intentions of. But could they grow together? Take this journey of unexpected love with Mary and Darold to find out!


“So, do you think Darold is the one?” Chris asks me.

“I don’t know. I always assumed I’d end up with some well-established college graduate-suit wearing-VH1 soul type of brotha’. Like Raheem Devaughn after a growth spirt, or maybe throwback Tyrese when he was asking how she gon’ act like that.” I tell them. “Not Channing Tatum with a wig on.” I laugh.

“Aye, Channing is fine. I swear he’s a black man trapped in a white man’s body.” Des says with a point of her finger.

“I thought I was the only one who saw that!” Char exclaims. Chris rolls her eyes at this.

“Well anyway, DC has me questioning everything I thought I wanted in a man. He doesn’t listen, he’s stubborn, he pisses me off on a regular basis….” I state with a pause.

My friends all share a glance and then burst with laughter, and I’m just over here waiting for the punchline. I know my face has to convey my confusion, but they ignore me while wiping tears and holding their stomachs.

“What’s so freakin’ funny?” I ask when I can no longer take it.

“Girl that’s you!” Des finally tells me. “You just described yo’self to a tee!”


Get ready to 1-click this baby tomorrow!



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