Hey, beauty!

Tomorrow Chelsea Maria returns with “I’ll Be Good To You” and we have one final look to share with you.



Is it cliché to want a perfect love story? To have your heart beat out of rhythm and palms grow sweaty? Yazlyn Miller didn’t think so. In fact, the hopeless romantic has been in love with the idea of love since she became a witness to the unmeasurable lengths her father dedicated to giving her mother a fairytale love every day.

Yazlyn’s infatuation with love guided her to become one of the most sought-after Matchmakers in South Florida. Not only is she the go-to woman for all things love, but she has her own fairytale love story with the man that whisked her off her feet six years ago. The two have lived in such a bubble of bliss and utopia, that not even Yazlyn was prepared for the hurricane storm that tore down her veil of perfection. Now, she’s faced with a tough decision – Do I stay, or do I go?

What do you call a man that is wise above his years, strong-minded, determined, and sculpted in perfect chocolate? You call that man Kaalan Walker – a twenty-six-year-old who is returning back to his hometown after spending a year in Jamaica to handle some personal issues. Before he left the sunshine state, Kaalan was doing everything that young men his age do. Party, travel, and sow his wild oats. Now that he’s back, he’s ready to pick up where he left off, however, what he didn’t intend to pick up were strong feelings that immersed themselves within his heart for a burgundy locs matchmaker.

When it comes to Yazlyn, all is fair in love and war, and Kaalan stands by that oath. Regardless of the obstacles determined to keep them apart, Yazlyn and everyone else involved will quickly learn that when a man wants something, there is nothing or no one that can stop him from getting it.


“Can’t you see what you’ve done for me,” I whispered against her lips.

Yazlyn’s forehead touched mine. She moved her head back and forth as if she was entranced by our song.

“You satisfy…” She didn’t have to say the rest. It wasn’t needed. The only thing that needed to be said as I took a hold of her lips was thanks to Bob Marley for writing the song that would now be forever ours.

Kissing Yazlyn wasn’t like anything I imagined or felt. The softness of her lips and the soft moans she unapologetically released from the wrestle of our tongues made it hard for me to keep control. I had her held hostage by the lips and that wasn’t enough.

I needed her closer.

Wanted to bring us closer.

She opened me up in a way I never felt. In the back of my mind, I felt ashamed to be feeling such erotic yet tranquil emotions as a man. My thoughts weren’t just on making love to her until she begged me to stop, but they were on the white dress she would wear when I vowed to love her in sickness and in health. They were on our litter of children that would have a combination of both our features and personalities.

All these feelings shocked me. Was I becoming soft or losing my touch? Did it make me less of a man? To be honest I didn’t care. I’d have tranquil thoughts of Yazlyn as long as she was in my life.

I knew the magnetic pull from our kiss frightened Yazlyn because it frightened me. Warmth of love grew from the soles of my feet to the follicles of hair on my head.

Giving her time to breathe, I held her against me by the front of her neck. Maybe it wasn’t wise to do that. Her breathing became more shallow and unsteady. But that’s okay. I’d breathe enough for both of us.

“This is what I want. I want a love that is created from a single kiss from your lips. A love that scorches so deep in my veins. Tell me what does your heart desire, Yazlyn? Tell me what you want?”

My heart dropped seeing the tears puddled in her eyes. I was about to apologize if I came on too strong, but she stopped me by placing a single finger to my lips.

“I’ve had the unconditional love, Kaalan. I’ve had a spine-tingling love. Love that makes you smile for no reason at all. The love I want now and forevermore is the love of a husband who is ready to make me a wife. I’m done being the long-term girlfriend who settles for promise rings. I want a lifelong commitment. Can you give me that?”


Can you give her that, Kaalan?! Find out tomorrow! If you want the first scoop when this baby goes live? Sign up for our mailing list here!




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