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On March 10th C. Monet returns with the fifth book in the BLP Say He series, “Say He’s Ready”, and we have a short and sweet sample to share with you.



The title of Say He’s Ready tells it all. Meet Houston, a widow and single father who is focused on raising his son, Malone. The loss of a spouse is hard, but the loss of a mother is even harder. Houston’s time is split between running his business and attempting to keep Malone out of trouble. At his wits end, the school calls in the help of State Pediatrician Teaghan LeJune. 

Teaghan is fierce and fearless as she moves through life. Her career is her pride and joy. Dating hasn’t been fun, and it’s the only thing in her life she can’t win with. She’s tired of being set up and played when she would give the shirt off her back for those in need. After running into men that aren’t ready but look good on paper, she decides to give it up. 

As fate would have it, the paths of Houston and Teaghan cross in the most unconventional way. Quickly, her mind is changed on dating if Houston would open up and allow her to wrap him in her love swarm. His words of not being ready don’t match his feelings of being smitten by Teaghan. Within a few short days, Teaghan has managed to crack open the shell of a man Houston once was. 

Once they find themselves ready, a challenge neither expected comes to halt them dead in their tracks. Promises of not letting each other down no longer matter when decisions must be made. Find out if he is truly ready to embark on a love that may require more of him than he has to offer. 


“Pain builds character. Are you making it clear what you want?” I asked once the waiter left us alone. She was still having a hard time coming back from her answer and I felt like an asshole for ruining the mood. 

“Having a job is cool, having money is a plus, and having a nice car is great also but that doesn’t make a man ready. That makes you stable and I don’t need stable. I’m stable by myself. I need a man that has a ready heart or at least a willing heart. Men can check all day long, but I won’t cash in on every check that comes my way,” she answered dropping a bomb on me, “So to answer your question, yes, I make it clear what I want, but most importantly what I need.”


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of this five star read!





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