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First-3/12-With All My Trust-Shenaé Hailey



“Without communication there is no relationship. Without respect there is no love. Without trust there is no reason to continue.”

Valentina and Vernon have made a pact – they both will have one year to focus on their personal lives while the other takes care of their mother. When Valentina’s year begins, Vernon’s freedom temporarily ends, forcing her to seek the help of his old friend, Mali Toussaint.

When Graham Richardson decides to take a temporary hiatus, there is only one person he can think of that is good enough to replace him at his family’s law firm – Mali Toussaint. Not only is he a capable lawyer, but he’s Graham’s closest friend.

Upon accepting the temporary position, Mali’s world begins to unravel professionally and personally. The good thing is, Valentina allows him to put himself back together again… in her. Not only does Valentina have a heart like Mali’s, she slowly makes her way inside of his. But there are secrets… secrets that Mali keeps from Valentina, wreaking havoc on their relationship before it fully begins. After Mali breaks her trust, she finds herself choosing between her beliefs or the man she’s slowly started to fall in love with.

Please note: This is book one of a standalone series. Each book in the series will feature a different couple and end with a HEA. While it is not a requirement to read previous books to understand the next one in the series, it is recommended that you read the books in order for maximum entertainment.


“I’ll go in a little later. How about that?”

Jeremy’s head shook as his eyes lowered. He pushed my arms down from his body and turned to look himself over in the mirror before heading towards my door.

“No, because then you’ll have to work late which means you’ll sleep in later and everything else in your day will be thrown off. You’ll be even less consistent with calling and texting, and I probably won’t end up seeing you at all tomorrow because of it.”

My chin lowered to my chest as I avoided his eyes and mumbled, “Well, I don’t know what you want me to do, Jeremy. I’m trying to make time, but you know my mother’s situation. She’ll always be my priority.”

With a soft chuckle, Jeremy’s hand wrapped around the doorknob. When his chuckle subsided, he licked his lips as he looked me over.

“I know she’s a priority to you, but I’m asking that you make me a priority too. It’s not like she’s going to be at the hospital alone. Your brother’s going to be there, right?”

Okay, right. That was true. But… Jeremy just didn’t understand. You didn’t understand these types of things if you had never been in this kind of situation. When my father died, I wasn’t there for him. I didn’t make going to the hospital that day a priority, partly because I was in denial, because I was sure he would be okay.

That his visit would be like my mother’s numerous hospital visits. That he would be out and back to his normal self in no time. But that wasn’t the case. When he needed me most, I wasn’t there. He asked for me, so we could say goodbye, and I wasn’t there. I carried that around with me every day of my life, and I refused to let that happen with my mother.

It didn’t matter if she went to the hospital every day, I was going to be right by her side, and there was nothing Jeremy or anyone else could say or do to change that.

“You are a priority. If you can’t see that…” I shrugged, finally meeting his eyes again. “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t need you to be sorry. Just make the shit right,” were Jeremy’s parting words.

Second -3/13-Run From Me-Aubreé Pynnxdtw8oxzfwqfkixuvo5w


Ahlayna had one plan for spring break, and that was to read. But when her best friend, Tatiana Wolfe, offers an alternative to her plans, Ahlayna knows that she’s entered a realm laced with danger. From the moment she entered Ty’s space she knew that she had to run. Run as far away from him as possible.

Ty, better known as Wolf, has three rules: his sister is off limits, anyone associated with his sister is off limits, and always protect the ones he loved. He managed to balance all three while running and ruling the streets of Dade County with a mean fury. He can have whatever woman he wanted, when he wanted. That was until he laid his eyes on Ahlayna. She was forbidden fruit, but like a moth to a flame he couldn’t stay away from her.

Ahlayna has the power to tame the beast that lives inside of Ty. Growing closer to Ty is an ever-present danger. Once danger puts her in its sight, Ahlayna could either run from Ty or run towards him. Ty has declared that he will chase her to the ends of the earth, but their fate lies in the ashes of the aftermath of a tragic event.

Will Ahlayna relish in the love she’s found, or will she run as far as she can?


Tyrell Wolfe

“Tati!” he called roaming through the apartment. Loud music floated from the back of Tati’s three bedroom apparent. As he roamed further down the hall he heard the lyrics to the music clearer. Miguel’s sultry voice sang seductive sounds from the bedroom. He couldn’t stomach what was on the other side of the door, so he started up the hall past the bathroom door that flew open.

With a scream, the two of them stood staring at each other. Ty’s presence scared Ahlayna to the point she let go of her towel. After that, she couldn’t do anything. Ty’s glare was fixed on her wet body. Her erect nipples, her thick thighs that cradled her shaven haven, and the goosebumps his glare enticed. She was frozen, her brain was screaming, pick your towel up and run but her body was under his trance. Unknowingly, Ty took his bottom lip between his white teeth and grunted. It was bad enough that the image of her with her clothes on was haunting him, the memory of this moment was going to drive him insane.

Ahlayna grabbed a hold of some sense and snatched her towel from the floor before running back into the bathroom and slamming the door. The sound of the door slamming brought Ty back to reality, he was standing in his sister’s apartment lusting over her best friend. Tati’s friends were off limits. He was never going to cross the line with a friend of his sister. The same rule applied to Tati. Anyone associated with Ty was off limits.

“You ain’t got no shit I haven’t seen before,” he spoke over the music while Ahlayna pressed her back against the other side of the bathroom door. Ty’s trance caused her to burn hot with unwanted desire. She had to get out of here and back to her bubble before she crossed a line she could never come back from. “Calm down.” Ty sensed that Ahlayna was having a mini panic attack on the other side of the door. “Where is Tati?”

Third-3/15-Lex.C.-Chosen By FateIMG_9068


One choice

Two friends

Arden Lizette Adams was chosen to be a sister, by fate, when her mother adopted Phoenix Wells after an apartment building fire took the life of Phoenix’s mother. That choice changed Arden’s world, although it seemed Phoenix came attached to a world of her own. Now, a renowned stylist, Arden styles high profile clients, like the men of The Camp. While Arden seems to fit into their lives like she’s always belonged, she develops a very special connection with one of them in particular. A connection that could possess the power to touch her heart, mind, body, and soul.

Justice Owens is a downright sex symbol and no stranger to indulging in women. His smooth and sensual vocals set the tone for The Camp’s songs that are topping the charts and spreading their fame across the globe. When his brother finds love so encompassing it almost seems contagious, the feelings he’s kept for his best friend, Arden, begin to rise to the surface. The only problem is, his need to express them comes at the same time that a blast from the past shows up with a five-year-old who turns out to be his son. 

Not only does this news change his life, it sets up camp right in the middle of he and Arden’s growing connection. Now, a father with a woman who can’t help but stir up drama as his son’s mother, he wants more than to find solace from it all in Arden as a friend. The problem with that is, Arden is more than conflicted with the weight of the love in her heart for Justice and the pressure of everything he comes with on her mental. 

Find out what happens with these two when a love so strong chooses them in the midst of a whirlwind that boils down to one decision.


“Spit whatever you have to say out, Jus, please,” I pleaded as my lungs weakened, prematurely contracting and skipping breaths like a record scratching. His face softened as his eyes dropped to my chest, taking in my body’s response. As if he wasn’t sure of what was taking place, he ran his hands up my sides stopping just beneath my breasts. I thanked God for my bra because my nipples were hard as a rock and he’d recently got a peek at what he could do to them already.

He let one hand travel up my side, tracing the outline of my breast to drift across my chest and cup my chin. I innately wet my lips as I became short winded. Jus had always been gentle with his affections toward me but I had never been this sensitive to him.

“Tell me what’s really up with you and him, Arden,” Justice leaned so close I could feel his Winterfresh scented breath on my lips. “Why can I make you react like this but you’re still seeing him? Why are you letting him in your garden knowing he’s not really here to help you grow?”

I bit my bottom lip more out of disappointment than anything. I wasn’t supposed to let him see me like this. He wasn’t supposed to consume me like this. When had I started letting myself so freely feel Justice Owens effect in the first place? His words were selfishly stripping the appeal Marion held straight from my perception.

“You don’t know that and neither do I. It’s too soon to tell.”

“Arden, tell me why.” Jus swept his thumb over my cheek and pulled me closer by his remaining hand on my hip.

“Because he wants more than to be my friend, Jus…”

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