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Tomorrow Shenaé Hailey returns with book one of the Hearts Fall Series, With All My Trust, and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



“Without communication there is no relationship. Without respect there is no love. Without trust there is no reason to continue.”

Valentina and Vernon have made a pact – they both will have one year to focus on their personal lives while the other takes care of their mother. When Valentina’s year begins, Vernon’s freedom temporarily ends, forcing her to seek the help of his old friend, Mali Toussaint.

When Graham Richardson decides to take a temporary hiatus, there is only one person he can think of that is good enough to replace him at his family’s law firm – Mali Toussaint. Not only is he a capable lawyer, but he’s Graham’s closest friend.

Upon accepting the temporary position, Mali’s world begins to unravel professionally and personally. The good thing is, Valentina allows him to put himself back together again… in her. Not only does Valentina have a heart like Mali’s, she slowly makes her way inside of his. But there are secrets… secrets that Mali keeps from Valentina, wreaking havoc on their relationship before it fully begins. After Mali breaks her trust, she finds herself choosing between her beliefs or the man she’s slowly started to fall in love with.

Please note: This is book one of a standalone series. Each book in the series will feature a different couple and end with a HEA. While it is not a requirement to read previous books to understand the next one in the series, it is recommended that you read the books in order for maximum entertainment.


“I’ll go in a little later. How about that?”

Jeremy’s head shook as his eyes lowered. He pushed my arms down from his body and turned to look himself over in the mirror before heading towards my door.

“No, because then you’ll have to work late which means you’ll sleep in later and everything else in your day will be thrown off. You’ll be even less consistent with calling and texting, and I probably won’t end up seeing you at all tomorrow because of it.”

My chin lowered to my chest as I avoided his eyes and mumbled, “Well, I don’t know what you want me to do, Jeremy. I’m trying to make time, but you know my mother’s situation. She’ll always be my priority.”

With a soft chuckle, Jeremy’s hand wrapped around the doorknob. When his chuckle subsided, he licked his lips as he looked me over.

“I know she’s a priority to you, but I’m asking that you make me a priority too. It’s not like she’s going to be at the hospital alone. Your brother’s going to be there, right?”

Okay, right. That was true. But… Jeremy just didn’t understand. You didn’t understand these types of things if you had never been in this kind of situation. When my father died, I wasn’t there for him. I didn’t make going to the hospital that day a priority, partly because I was in denial, because I was sure he would be okay.

That his visit would be like my mother’s numerous hospital visits. That he would be out and back to his normal self in no time. But that wasn’t the case. When he needed me most, I wasn’t there. He asked for me, so we could say goodbye, and I wasn’t there. I carried that around with me every day of my life, and I refused to let that happen with my mother.

It didn’t matter if she went to the hospital every day, I was going to be right by her side, and there was nothing Jeremy or anyone else could say or do to change that.

“You are a priority. If you can’t see that…” I shrugged, finally meeting his eyes again. “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t need you to be sorry. Just make the shit right,” were Jeremy’s parting words.

Though each book in the Hearts Fall Series is a standalone it is recommended that you read them in order to maximize your reading pleasure! If you haven’t read the preface to book one, With All My Heart, it can be found on Amazon!



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