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Tomorrow Lex. C. returns with, Chosen By Fate, Book 2 of the Because of Her Series.



One choice

Two friends

Arden Lizette Adams was chosen to be a sister, by fate, when her mother adopted Phoenix Wells after an apartment building fire took the life of Phoenix’s mother. That choice changed Arden’s world, although it seemed Phoenix came attached to a world of her own. Now, a renowned stylist, Arden styles high profile clients, like the men of The Camp. While Arden seems to fit into their lives like she’s always belonged, she develops a very special connection with one of them in particular. A connection that could possess the power to touch her heart, mind, body, and soul. 

Justice Owens is a downright sex symbol and no stranger to indulging in women. His smooth and sensual vocals set the tone for The Camp’s songs that are topping the charts and spreading their fame across the globe. When his brother finds love so encompassing it almost seems contagious, the feelings he’s kept for his best friend, Arden, begin to rise to the surface. The only problem is, his need to express them comes at the same time that a blast from the past shows up with a five-year-old who turns out to be his son. 

Not only does this news change his life, it sets up camp right in the middle of he and Arden’s growing connection. Now, a father with a woman who can’t help but stir up drama as his son’s mother, he wants more than to find solace from it all in Arden as a friend. The problem with that is, Arden is more than conflicted with the weight of the love in her heart for Justice and the pressure of everything he comes with on her mental. 

Find out what happens with these two when a love so strong chooses them in the midst of a whirlwind that boils down to one decision.


Jus looked down at me as I was studying his juicy lips while he spoke, laughed, and smiled. His hand wrapped around my thigh, right above the knee and he leaned over to whisper in my ear. Phoenix and I caught eyes as his soft lips brushed my earlobe and pinched mine together.

I was doing my best to conceal the effect his touch and closeness had on me in front of everyone who’d been watching us grow closer and closer. They all wanted more for us so I was sure I was only a few publicly blissful moments away from it being all of them against me and my apprehension.

“I see you, Arden. You want to taste them?”

The suggestion intrigued and enticed me. I not only wanted to taste those sexy lips of his, I wanted to feel them grazing and sucking on my skin. The liquor in rotation with Jus right beside me had me hornier than ever. His fingers massaged circles along my exposed inner thigh in my flowy little sea blue dress.

“All you have to do is say it, mama bear. I’ll let you.”

I looked across the table again to resist the urge to give in and Phoenix smiled wide, catching eyes with me. She mouthed, “You so love him,” and I covered my face feeling the warmth of my own skin. If I was a couple shades lighter, my cheeks would be red. Moving my hands to cover his, I stopped him as I felt my folds getting slippery. The last thing I needed was a wet spot on this dress.  

It was my turn to lean into his ear, “Do you want your boys to see how wet you can make your best friend get through this dress, papa bear?”

Jus pulled in a deep breath and used that same hand he removed from me to adjust what I could already see was his growing dick. He let out a deeper, smoother chuckle than I was used to hearing from him and I knew then I had turned him on unlike any other time before.


If you haven’t read Bonded By Fate, book one, of this series download your copy today!




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