Hey, love!

Tomorrow C. Monet returns with, The Love We Had, and we have a sneak peek into this heart stirring novella just for you!



Naomi has had the same dream over and over for years. That was to marry her high school sweetheart, Graysen. When that happens, she imagines life will be easy breezy much like everything else she has accomplished. However, with anything, life will do its best to tear it apart. 

On the brink of divorce, Naomi must take a step back and figure out what happened and what went wrong. She was the perfect wife to Graysen. She cooked, she cleaned, and she loved him before she knew he would be the be all and end all.

But something happened. 

Graysen is a man with nothing but genuine love for Naomi, but he can’t seem to get that back. Being a wife to him is more than doing the chores. He wants her compassion, he wants her attention, and a little affection. Never in a million years did he think he would be filing for divorce after begging her to give him all that he desires. 

Naomi and Graysen have a decision to make – leave it alone or remember the love they had. Racking her brain, she is forced to recount her steps in order to get the love of her life back. Will the love they had be enough to stick it out? Find out in The Love We Had.


“I thought this was some stupid joke or moment for you to prove how horrible of a wife I am. But no, this is real,” she sighed and wiped her eyes. All of that was partially true. She wasn’t a horrible wife. She was just Naomi, a new Naomi, and I was a new Graysen. We tainted shit along the way and didn’t bother cleaning it up. I didn’t want to spend another day away from her, but shit had to change and she had yet to see the need. 

“We can’t keep pretending we want the same things out of life. You don’t want the normal wife life and that’s what I want.” No matter how many times I said it she wasn’t understanding what I was saying. Sure I could require her to change her ways. I didn’t want to. Naomi wanted success, money and to conquer the world. I wanted that for her without me holding her back and harping on it. “We are thirty-one years old Mimi and it’s time to start appreciating what we have and building on what we don’t.” 

“So, because I don’t want kids, you are leaving me?” 

“It’s not about you not wanting kids, it’s your attitude towards anything I want. I give you any and everything you want but all my requests are met with bullshit, excuses and attitude. I’m human and you aren’t anymore.” 

“You haven’t been home in weeks. How do you know I’m not willing now?”

“Show me you aren’t only doing this because your fairytale is ending, and we can talk. I’m leaving town for a few weeks tonight. When I get back if you want to talk reach out, because I’m not kissing your ass anymore. You talk fiction bae, and I talk facts. The facts are you haven’t gave a fuck about me in months.” 


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