Hey, Beauties!

We have quite a few releases coming your way over the next two weeks and here’s a sweet first look into three of them!



Growing up always being overlooked, Shana Albert found herself willing to settle for mediocrity. After being hurt countless times by men, she shut her innermost feelings and desires off from men. Focusing on being happy with herself was her main agenda. Having a great job at the federal prison and owning her independence, Shana has everything. However, when she meets Red Anderson at the Houston Livestock Show, everything changes. She knows she wants to be his but doesn’t know how to bare her heart to him or how to fully trust him. Those inadequacies for the first time are bothering her, because she wants to give Red more of herself before his patience runs thin.

Life has finally become worth living for Craig ‘Red’ Anderson. Having a horrible childhood, then growing up a ward of the state wasn’t exactly a cake walk. After a chance encounter with a cowboy, his life is changed forever. Channeling his energy into learning to be the best steer wrestler in the world, Red Anderson is able to push out all the negativity in his life. Honing his skills and learning from the best, Legend Semien, Red becomes a force to deal with in the rodeo arena but in life, another force brings him to his knees. Shana Albert comes in Red’s life like a whirlwind and swallows him whole. After succumbing to the love he has for her, things get complicated when she doesn’t concede to those feelings as well. Being a steer wrestler, he’s taught not to break barriers, but can he break the ones around Shana’s heart?

Fighting demons of their past, it seems that Red and Shana face drama at every turn and difficulties of that drama threaten to tear them apart. Both being stubborn, opinionated individuals, causes unnecessary rifts that put their relationship on the line. Will Red and Shana finally figure out what loving one another is all about? Or will they decide to just cut their losses and chalk it up as a lesson learned?


“Mmm… Red. Stop that. I’m hungry for you, but my stomach hungry too.”

He chuckled, then licked and bit his bottom lip. I scooted closer to him to where I had to drape my legs over his and licked his dimple. “You gon’ make me fuck you up at this dinner table, Shana.”

“Quit talking noise and do it, then.”

With one swoop, he picked me up and laid me on the dinner table, next to our plate of food. He moved it to the other side, then began unbuttoning my pants. “I’m sorry for being impatient with you. Let me make it up to you tonight. I’m gon’ have you calling in tomorrow.”

I gave him a one-cheeked smile, as he pulled my pants off. Sitting up, I looked in his eyes, then took off my shirt and bra. Red slid his hand from my stomach to my chest, then gently pushed me back until he was leaning over me and his hand was resting on my neck. “You weren’t impatient. I’m sorry for taking so long.”

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Red.”

He slid his fingers inside of me. “Tell me that shit again.”

“Ahh, Red. I love you.”

He lowered his head and teased my clit with his tongue. “And again, Shana.”

“Damn, baby. I love you,” I moaned out.

He sucked my clit until I was squirming on the table. Lifting his head, he said, “I’m about to make you cum all over this table. When you do, I want you to scream that to the high heavens.”

His eyes were pinned on mine until I nodded. Getting back to business, I thought I was gon’ break his table the way I had it rocking. “Red, I’m about to cummm.”

“Mmm hmm.”

When he hummed on my clit, that was it. “Craig! I love you, shit!”

I screamed so loud, if Red would have had close neighbors, they would have heard every syllable of that shit. When it had passed, he stood straight up and wiped his face, then dropped his shorts. He was free-balling. I loved his country ass.

He picked me up from the table and lowered me on his dick. “What about dinner?”

“That’s what they make microwaves for,” he said as he nibbled at my nipple. “I need you to put this work in first.”

He sat on the couch, then lifted his hips and thrust into me. I began my ride as Red groaned. As I leaned over him, he bit, then sucked on my nipple as he grabbed my ass. “Damn girl. You fucking me like you love me, huh?” he asked as I rolled my hips, taking all of him.

I smiled at him. “I do love you, Red.”

“Well fuck. I got a smile showing teeth too, so it must be true.”

I adjusted my feet where I was flat-footed on his sofa, then began bouncing on his shit. “Oh shit! Fuck me up then, girl.”



Never will a collection of poetry infuse your erotic side with more want than the titillating read you now hold in your hands. “Take Control of Me” is a sexually exhilarating frenzy of thunderous proportions that will leave you gasping for monumental release of orgasmic explosions. The depths in which you’ll travel to reach such a scorching peak will have you literally begging for another hit of the addictive euphoria between these pages. Your taste for carnal delicacies will never be the same. This gem is sure to heighten your every sexual proclivity and leave you hungover on loving so extreme, you’ll never settle for basic gratification again…


The Scent of Us

He was harsh when I needed to be stroked roughly

Gentle when I needed to be held through the night.

His touch helped keep the nightmares away.

He kisses kept my lips moisturized.

Just being in time with him made time priceless, more precious then I remember

And I remembered plenty.

Like the time he slid in my p*y and made me cream mere minutes later

I wonder if society would compare my quickness to that of a minute man

Just curious…

Curious how a man could make me cum that hard and that quick

And feel my orgasm so deep I couldn’t tell if I was heaven bound

or heaven sent.

My scent held his scent.

We became a billion-dollar scent and sold out throughout the country.

THIRD-3/25-UNTAINTED LOVE-IVY LAIKAgt3k6wmot88os5c0gxtw


Love – whether good or bad, everyone wants to experience it. Everyone except for Ladi. She’s tried her hand at love and the cards that she’d been dealt never stacked up. After getting her master’s degree and moving back to Miami, Ladi’s only focus is securing her dream job.

Something that Ace Baptiste has never been… is unsure. Everything that he wants he goes for and gets it. So when he first lays eyes on Ladi and felt a connection that was undeniable it only made sense for him to have her. Will Ace’s persistence be enough to make Ladi his lady or will she be the one thing that he fails at capturing?

Ladi’s dream job has the potential to lead to a dream love, but that’s only if she opens herself up to experience it. Will she put forth the effort and give Ace a chance, or keep her heart closed off to his untainted love?



“I meant every word, Beauty. I like your vibe when we’re together. I admire your drive and professionalism. I adore your full lips and almond shaped eyes, and I appreciate your time.”

“I like your vibe. I admire your persistence. I adore your dark skin and full beard, and I appreciate the effort you’re putting forth, Ace.”

Damn! Could this girl draw me in anymore? Never had a woman took the time to point out specific things that she liked about me. I was beginning to understand why Ladi put as much importance on words as she did. She couldn’t physically touch my heart or soul, but her words did easily.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s Sample Sunday! Be on the look out for more sneak peeks coming soon!




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