Due for Love – TOMORROW!

Hey, beauty! Tomorrow, Shenaé Hailey returns with Due for Love: A Novelette! This baby is only 8,000 words but it packs a MEAN punch! Here’s one final sneak peek before it goes live tomorrow!


Jamere paced back and forth. His eyebrows were pushed together. Eyes empty. Bottom lip constantly being pulled into his mouth as he chewed it. Every so often he’d mumble something under his breath before shaking his head in disagreement.

Serenity looked at the time on the Rolex adorning her left wrist. It was the gift he’d given her for her twenty-ninth birthday, and a sign of his wealth and why women like Haisley couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving their lives.

“Jamere,” Serenity called quietly, wanting to get this conversation over with. They were supposed to get married in two days, and at this point, Serenity didn’t know if she could stomach being around him for another five minutes. True, this wasn’t his fault, but it was yet another disruption of the peace she’d worked so hard to conceive and maintain.

Looking at her, Jamere’s face covered with relief. He took the necessary steps to close the space between them then kneeled before her.

“I didn’t know, Serenity. You have to believe me.” Serenity nodded as she cupped his cheek. “I should have checked with my lawyer but I didn’t think she would do something like this, and even if she did I assumed my lawyer would call me if there were any issues. He didn’t give a fuck after that last payment cleared, but this is still on me because I should have made sure everything was everything.” Jamere took her hands into his. “All I need is a day to get this taken care of, baby. It won’t take any more than that.”

Normally, Serenity would have been okay with anything Jamere said… even when she wasn’t. But this time… this time was different. This time she was tired. Tired of coming second. Tired of having to prove her place. Her value. Tired of wondering if he truly understood her worth. Tired of love being filled with so much hurt. And pain. And disappointment. And rejection. And angst. And waiting…

Waiting to come first.

Waiting to be seen.

Waiting to be heard.

No more.

“I…” She paused, needing more bass and volume in her voice. “It’s too much, Jamere.” He stood and began to pace. “It’s always one thing after another, and… and I can’t help but wonder if these are signs that…”

“Signs that what, Serenity?” He was back in front of her now, grabbing her shoulders and using them to lift her from her seat. “That we shouldn’t be together?”

Her words escaped her as she stared into his eyes. All she could do was nod.


Hope you’re ready to 1click this baby tomorrow!


The Authors of BLP!


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