Hey, reader!

Tomorrow the pearl clutching poetic Goddess, India Norfleet, returns with Take Control of Me and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



Never will a collection of poetry infuse your erotic side with more want than the titillating read you now hold in your hands. “Take Control of Me” is a sexually exhilarating frenzy of thunderous proportions that will leave you gasping for monumental release of orgasmic explosions. The depths in which you’ll travel to reach such a scorching peak will have you literally begging for another hit of the addictive euphoria between these pages. Your taste for carnal delicacies will never be the same. This gem is sure to heighten your every sexual proclivity and leave you hungover on loving so extreme, you’ll never settle for basic gratification again…


A Tongue Caress

Burning desires

Aching needs

Fiery possession

Mouths caressing

Shock waves a plenty

Smoldering heat

Savage intensity


Sweet tenderness

Showered kisses

Demanding sexual recklessness

I couldn’t wait to be reckless with him again

The way he took my lips was so tender so freeing

As he lingered savoring every moment

His lips made my pussy wet and thirsty

He devoured my breaths and I tried to ride his dick through his pants

I was so horny for him.

My pussy reached out for him.

Giving into him was so rewarding I savored every moment

Challenged his direction so he’d bend me over and make me cum so hard I’d suddenly become weak and confused.

He loved my moans and how they birthed currents of desire through us both.

His touch followed a soft reeling sense of freedom whenever his tongue caressed me.


Hope you’re ready to 1click this baby tomorrow!

P.S.-We cannot be held responsible for any additions made to your family due to this steamy collection.

As Always Love,

The Authors of BLP!



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