Hey, reader!

Tomorrow, Ivy Laika debuts with Untainted Love and we have one final look into this gem!



Love – whether good or bad, everyone wants to experience it. Everyone except for Ladi. She’s tried her hand at love and the cards that she’d been dealt never stacked up. After getting her master’s degree and moving back to Miami, Ladi’s only focus is securing her dream job.

Something that Ace Baptiste has never been… is unsure. Everything that he wants he goes for and gets it. So when he first lays eyes on Ladi and felt a connection that was undeniable it only made sense for him to have her. Will Ace’s persistence be enough to make Ladi his lady or will she be the one thing that he fails at capturing?

Ladi’s dream job has the potential to lead to a dream love, but that’s only if she opens herself up to experience it. Will she put forth the effort and give Ace a chance, or keep her heart closed off to his untainted love?


Finally, filling her up completely, an animalistic growl escaped my throat. My slow circular motions turned into hard powerful thrusts. Ladi’s nails glided down my back with every thrust of my pelvis into her. This soul tie solidified it for me, I was falling in love with Ladi. We were in sync. Our connection was organic and untainted. We were undoubtably forever.

My feet wouldn’t move. My mouth couldn’t make a sound. I was completely fascinated by Ace. His mere presence had put me in a trance that only he could remove me from. Everything about him had me stuck. His pearly white teeth. His masculine scent. His locs that he wore like a crown. His big and tall build. His dark rich skin. Everything.





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