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This week is jammed pack with amazing releases from Ivy Laika, Shenaé Hailey, Aubreé Pynn and A. Bryant! We have three samples to share with you and one sneak peek later tonight! Go on and dive in!

First-3/26-Shenaé Hailey-With All My Love



He left. As if we had nothing left. – Prism

A month has passed since quite a few secrets were revealed. Secrets that had the power to destroy what Graham and Prism were trying to build before it was fully established. During that month, Graham focused on clearing his mind in preparation of claiming his woman. But… during that same month… Prism learned to live without him. Again. Will Graham be able to regain her love and trust, or will this be one time that absence does not make the heart grow fonder?


As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, it was like Prism became innately aware of my presence. She paused for a moment briefly looking around until her eyes met mine. My mind kept telling me to walk over to her but my feet wouldn’t move.

When my feet finally began to work again, I slowly made my way over to her. With each step I took forward she took backward, gripping the tray of dirty dishes tighter and tighter. Eventually, her back bumped into the hostess stand, and that seemed to pull her out of her trance. Prism turned, bumping into another waitress chest to chest. The tray of dishes she was holding fell, food and drink splattering against the floor.

I could tell she was about to make a run for it, so I quickly made my way over to her. Kneeling, I took her shaking hands into mine.

“You don’t have to run from me, lil bit. Wouldn’t do you any good anyway.”

Prism pulled her hands from mine and almost tripped over her feet walking to the back as quickly as she could. I could have easily followed after her but something told me to wait. That was cool. She’d see me again soon.

Second-3/27-Aubreé Pynn-Love Over All




Six friends, one secret.

Six college friends are together again in Oakland for a weekend of fun.

Wren and Roman are facing issues in their unestablished relationship. Wren wants nothing more than for Roman to step up and follow through with everything he says he’s going to do. His inconsistency is pushing her further and further to the edge. She’s holding on by a thread and praying that he comes to his senses before she has to cut it.

Nadia and Kwame are more enemies than friends. However, they’ve made an agreement to be as cordial as possible when in group settings. Kwame is a self-crowned ladies man and is never in short supply. This trip to Oakland is more than fun for Nadia. Her first time home in seven years is laced with memories of a painful adolescence. The return home only means she has to face her assailants head on.

Brielle and Julian are in the valley of their marriage. While Brielle is busy being every woman, Julian is hiding a secret from her and everyone surrounding them. His comfort with the situation is alarming to everyone. With the news breaking of Julian’s betrayal, everyone is questioning their relationships.

There’s a pull happening throughout the crew. Relationships will be broken, and bonds will be torn. Will they be able to repair the nucleus of who they are?

Find out in Love Over All, a prelude to “Love, The Series.”

This is an introduction.


Kwame Franklin

It was always second nature for Kwame to wake up with an unfamiliar woman in his bed. It was a habit that was easier to keep at than break. He was a self-dubbed ladies’ man and saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, he believed that the long list of women kept in rotation was what kept him interesting. Of course, outside of his smooth chocolate skin, muscular built, perfect set of pearly white teeth and a smile that pierced dimples in both of his cheeks.

Kwame didn’t lack in style, looks, or wealth. It only added to the silk spun tongue he used to smooth talk his way in and out of panties and relationships. It was a gift he used to get women to his bed and out of it. With sleep still heavily in his eyes and grunted at the paralyzing sting in his right arm that was outstretched under his harem’s head. She slept peacefully underneath him after a night of multiple rounds and promises that Kwame had no intentions on ever keeping. His lucid intentions when it came to matters of women’s hearts was devastating. Right now, he knew that if he didn’t get this woman out of his bed and his home, she would surely believe everything he said the night before in the height of passion. When truly his heart was closed off from love. He could receive it but never give it.

There were only two women in the world that Kwame knew how to love, his mother Renetta and his sister Wren. Outside of that duo he wouldn’t allow himself to love another. At least that was he told himself to make sure every interaction he had with a woman was only at the surface. He allowed it to go deeper before and with the scars on his heart he vowed to never do it again.

Third-3/28-A. Bryant- Say He’ll Earn His Keep

k5tbi0qq6yw8bn3zg9jk 2.JPG


They say curiosity killed the cat. Damon is going to learn the hard way to let things go. His determination to get information and keep Lynne safe because of a slight obsession could mean his demise. ⠀

If it’s too good to be true, let it go – that was Lynne’s mantra, and she was trying her best to stick to it while dealing with the ever-persistent Damon. Damon is determined to open up Pandora’s box and Lynne is determined to shut it down by any means… even if it means closing off her heart. ⠀

Powering down has never been so hard, and Valentine’s Day has never been so sweet for Lynne or Damon. Find out why Damon can’t let love take a piece of his heart. Join them on their journey to see where it leads and if Damon will earn his keep.


Damon The Human Teddy Bear

I loved the way he looked at me. Damon had this look to him that was similar to a human teddy bear. He could look menacing when he wanted to but when he looked at me all I saw was a life-sized teddy bear.

As I spoke to his mother in our native tongue I stole glances of him watching me. I knew he didn’t understand a word I was saying but his face was furrowed as if he was trying to figure something out. Damon knew only a little bit about me. He knew that I was dangerous and he knew that I was in some shady business but he didn’t know details and that was fine with me. Damon and I were like moths to a flame. We jumped into something fun the very first time we met and it turned into something else by the time I packed my shit up and bounced. I am infamous for running away when things get a little dicey because I am no idiot. If I get burned once that was enough for me to not get burned again.

Damon had the potential to be a major house fire in my life. He was a little bit of everything I dreamed of and more which was furthermore reason for me to get away from him. Yet, here I am right where I said I wouldn’t be. The last night at the hotel I said to myself that I wouldn’t disrupt Damon’s life anymore. Selfish reasons brought me back here and I was a conniving little cat so I decided to go to his parent’s house for added effect. The drama was my life and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Spending time with Damon’s mother made me reflect on my time with my mother. Most Haitian mothers were the same for some reason. It is as though they had a blueprint that was shared generation to generation. Damon’s mother was a bit more gentle but just as Jesus crazy as my mother.

In 2010 I lost my mother to the major earthquake in Port Au Prince. She was in a missionary school that collapsed. She was the last string that held me to the country that made me the way I am. Prior to her death, I would send a large amount of money home to her. I purchased her a home in the country but she was too hard headed to care about staying in the country when all the people that needed to be saved was in Port Au Prince. Her love for Christ is what killed her. I was mad at God for years after it happened. I sold the house quickly and buried my mother with her parents and haven’t returned to the country since.

I barely spoke creole if I didn’t have to hence my switches between creole and french that occurred often while talking to his mom. She picked up quickly that I was educated in Haiti when she heard the slips. She treated me like I was one of her own and seemed to really care about me in the short time that I manipulated her into thinking I needed her help.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s Sample Sunday! Be on the look out for more sneak peeks coming soon!


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