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Tomorrow Aubreé Pynn returns with Love Over All the prelude to her new project “Love, The Series” and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



Six friends, one secret.

Six college friends are together again in Oakland for a weekend of fun.

Wren and Roman are facing issues in their unestablished relationship. Wren wants nothing more than for Roman to step up and follow through with everything he says he’s going to do. His inconsistency is pushing her further and further to the edge. She’s holding on by a thread and praying that he comes to his senses before she has to cut it.

Nadia and Kwame are more enemies than friends. However, they’ve made an agreement to be as cordial as possible when in group settings. Kwame is a self-crowned ladies man and is never in short supply. This trip to Oakland is more than fun for Nadia. Her first time home in seven years is laced with memories of a painful adolescence. The return home only means she has to face her assailants head on.

Brielle and Julian are in the valley of their marriage. While Brielle is busy being every woman, Julian is hiding a secret from her and everyone surrounding them. His comfort with the situation is alarming to everyone. With the news breaking of Julian’s betrayal, everyone is questioning their relationships.

There’s a pull happening throughout the crew. Relationships will be broken, and bonds will be torn. Will they be able to repair the nucleus of who they are?

Find out in Love Over All, a prelude to “Love, The Series.”

This is an introduction.


Brielle Harris

Julian’s anxiousness for Brielle to scream, throw something, or hit him was high. Anything would have been better than her saying absolutely nothing at all. She didn’t even hum like she normally did when she was upset. Brielle walked into the house and pulling her heels off her feet. While they were out, she had the event planner she hired for a night fun come in the house behind them and set up for a continuation of the party. There were low candles trailing the steps towards the bedroom, rose petals, and birthday balloons. She didn’t spare any expensive for her husbands’ day but that came crashing down the moment she laid her eyes on the woman occupying Julian’s time away from her.

The minute she turned the corner to see Nadia’s sternness, Kwame’s weariness and Julian’s shame she knew who she was. She knew her scent, it made her nauseated. Brielle’s mind was running a million miles a minute. No matter how bad she wanted to scream she couldn’t. Nothing coherent would come out. Nothing of value would come out. Nothing would be able to convey the amount of hurt that she felt would come out.

Julian couldn’t take the torture anymore. He looked around at all his wife put into making his day the greatest day and he ruined this. “Bri, say something.”

She stomped up the stairs and ignored his plead. Upon entering their bedroom, she unzipped her dress exposing her bare body. Opening the dresser drawer, she slipped a pair of black joggers over her legs and a t-shirt over her head. Julian shuffled in behind her and removed his jacket. “What do you want me to say baby? I’m sorry.”

“What the hell are you sorry about Julian Harris?”


This next series is everything! Hope you’re ready to 1-click tomorrow!




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