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Tomorrow A. Bryant returns with the sixth book in the BLP Say He series, Say He’ll Earn His Keep and we have one final sneak peek just for you.

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They say curiosity killed the cat. Damon is going to learn the hard way to let things go. His determination to get information and keep Lynne safe because of a slight obsession could mean his demise. ⠀

If it’s too good to be true, let it go – that was Lynne’s mantra, and she was trying her best to stick to it while dealing with the ever-persistent Damon. Damon is determined to open up Pandora’s box and Lynne is determined to shut it down by any means… even if it means closing off her heart. ⠀

Powering down has never been so hard, and Valentine’s Day has never been so sweet for Lynne or Damon. Find out why Damon can’t let love take a piece of his heart. Join them on their journey to see where it leads and if Damon will earn his keep.


Lynne and The Rabbit Hole

This wasn’t the rabbit hole Big Show warned me of but it was just as deadly. Lynne was no good for me. I could tell by the way she moved, by the way, she cut me down the last time we were together, by the intel I was able to pull on her based on this job and my inability to find anything else out about her. Everything out her mouth could be both the truth and the lie. She claims she’s not here to do what she does best but how can I believe that. I have pissed off some people that would have the ability to hire a siren like her. She was my every weakness. Strength, confidence, and power flowed through her. It was addictive and I was starting to fall in her web again! The cooking, the conversation the past few nights, the sexual tension, it was all too much for me to handle. It was all too close to what happened with her the first time around and I was getting extremely annoyed by that fact. I didn’t need memories of what I once had. I was over it and didn’t need it back.

Just as I thought of asking her to leave I got a phone call.

“I know you have her Damon,” Rick said on the phone. Rick was a man that ran the ins and outs of the east side when it came to contracted jobs. He knew when some sketchy figures were coming through the area and what their business was before they could conduct any business. If Rick was calling me about Lynne that meant she didn’t go through the right channels in the underground world to be here. She obviously pissed him off for him to be calling me with this tone.

“Who’s her?”

“Don’t play with me Damon.”
“Rick, what the fuck is your problem. You call my phone after five years of not speaking and you are talking about her as if I am supposed to know what the fuck you are talking about.” I said feigning innocence. I had a run in with Rick when one of my clients failed to tell me about his dealings with the crime world. I was protecting the client while someone on Rick’s team was hired to murder him. We came to head when he realized I wasn’t the one to fuck with. I got paid to protect people and I did my job well. We were able to come to an agreement since then and had no reason to talk unless…

“Hand over Pandora, this isn’t your fight. I don’t know how she even found you but that’s neither here nor there.”
“I don’t have a Pandora Rick. Try again later.” I said before quickly hanging up the phone.

Now, this was the rabbit hole Big Show spoke of.


The entire BLP Say He series can be found on Amazon and can be read in any order.




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