Hey, reader!
Tomorrow India Norfleet returns with Drench Me, an erotic poetry collection that you don’t want to miss! Here’s one more sneak peek to get you ready!
When deep desires take over, your mind refuses to allow you to think of anything other than that particular feeling you can’t stop craving. Little else matters but getting swept up in that high. When you finally find it and immerse yourself in its depths, you will develop a taste so keenly aware of your body’s impulse to be drenched in sexual enjoyment so fulfilling, binging on ecstasy becomes your sole purpose of extreme enjoyment when naughtiness is on your mind. A mental treat, a mind-blowing physical connection to your deepest wet dreams. Indulge at your own risk. Don’t be ashamed to enjoy repeatedly. You’ll enjoy every moment you spend between the pages. Gold nuggets of great sexual peaks reside between them that are waiting to drench you completely.
*Explicit warning*
Sex was always on my mind when I was with this man.
Nothing else held importance outside of the way he made my body feel.
I was in a permanent state of euphoria.
He never left my thoughts.
The way he pulled me against him sent me into a state of constant erotic shock.
He kept my legs spread wide and his face in between.
His tongue had become my weakness.
He sucked on my clit ate and my pussy exquisitely.
He stripped away my hidden restraints and encouraged me to lose control as he stroked a fire within me.
I didn’t know how to stop from raging until I realized that was because he dominated the flame in me.
If you’re not familiar with India’s ability to artfully craft sensual eroticism that leaves you with collar pulling, tongue biting desire then don’t wait for tomorrow. Her latest poetry collection, Take Control Of Me is available now on Amazon.




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