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It’s Sample Sunday and C. Monet has you covered! Her next novel, The Will To Forgive releases April 3rd and we have a sample perfect for your Sunday!


Forgiveness is said to be for the wounded, the played, and the jaded but sometimes it requires more than a simple thought. It requires will, action and work. 
Sage Lowe is smacked with reality when her dream job puts her on administrative leave for a mishap that happens on her surgery table. Down in the dumps, she picks herself up and decides to capture what she’s been missing while she gave her life and heart to Mount Clear Hospital. Venting to a friend, the perfect man with the perfect body approaches with promises of putting a smile on her face. Leery, she can’t help but feel like she owes it to herself to do something for herself.
Kyree has a soft spot for women and doesn’t realize that this is the cause of his many brewing troubles. When he spots Sage he can’t help but want to lock her up and make all of her troubles disappear. It would do him justice to spend time being in the presence of a beautiful woman while he is also in a rough spot due to a family emergency but falling for her was never in the plans.
Spending time together has consumed them both. It’s consumed them so much that the truth has been buried, and when exposed the will to forgive becomes harder than expected. Will the will to forgive be mastered or will this love connection be severed from lies and dishonesty?



“I need to use the bathroom you cool with that?”

Before I could answer, I could hear him pissing. I shook my head because only couples shared bathroom space. The curtain was sheer with a slight blur, but I could still make out the snake he was taming. I was staring so hard I managed to slip on the soap and fall straight on my ass. Laughing hysterically I only had myself to blame for being nosey.

“Man, you still drunk?” he asked.

“No, I was actually watching you use the bathroom,” I admitted holding my head down in shame. That fall was going to hurt, but it was worth it. I had something to report back to Cammie.

“Did you see what you wanted to see before you got a concussion?” Rolling my eyes, I closed the shower curtain and washed yesterdays funk off of me. I needed to get my mind right before I did something I would regret. Kyree was not about to have me wearing my feelings on my sleeve or out here looking stupid when he boarded his plane alone.

After the fifteen minute shower, I was back to feeling like a human. Dressed and clean we were headed to the spa. I thanked him a million times for listening to me and thinking of me. He swore it was nothing and I shut my mouth. Walking into the spa, we checked in and were immediately taken to our room. A few minutes later a woman and buff man walked in. Kyree groaned and looked at me with apologetic eyes.

“Aye, I thought I asked for two women,” he fussed. I looked at him through squinted eyes. He was being weird. The man was clearly on my side and willing to handle my massage, and the woman was on his. It made sense.

“What’s the problem?” I asked not understanding what had him fire hot. His face was bunched in irritation, and he was now standing on his feet looking around.

“Man I don’t want a man rubbing on you and I damn sure don’t want one rubbing on me,” he explained still fighting the attitude that was rearing its head. I shook my head because again we were both forgetting that we didn’t belong to one another.

“I don’t belong to you Ky, this man can rub me down and send me on my way. And Megan can handle you. It’s simple.”

“Simple my fucking ass. I know what I asked for. And I saw the video of that nigga rubbing that lady down on Facebook. Both of yall got me fucked up,” The staff ignored him, and I removed my clothing and slipped into a robe. Kyree’s macho shit was not about to ruin this long overdue massage. While we allowed them to work their magic, I relaxed and thought about what I would do once I left. I needed to keep the momentum of living fearless and free.

“Hmmm, what video?” I moaned as Jack provided a heavenly rub down. He was working on my shoulders, and I couldn’t stop the moan that slipped. This shit felt good and I knew my next step would be home to nap. Kyree was doing all that fussing, and I wasn’t not paying him any mind. He was not my concern. His only concern should be if Megan could make him moan. I was in heaven.

“So you just gon moan and shit like I ain’t in the room?”

Cannot wait for you to read this book! C. Monet is kicking of BLP’s April takeover just right!

Also! If you’d like to participate in the book giveaway taking place in our facebook group today join here!



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