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It’s Sunday and you already know what that means! Samplessss! We have quite a few releases coming your way over the next few weeks! Here’s a first look into a few.

First-4/10-All The Shades of You-Jess Words



I’ve been running all my life from love that

makes me foolish.

I’m grinning and smiling.

Air headed and clueless.

Who’s this?


I gave my Warmest Regards

to lost love.

Giving of the utmost gratitude

to the process of healing.

All The Shades of You

got me sailing oceans of new feelings.


So I took paper to pen.

Bled the ink of my thoughts for you.

Packaged it in poetry so beautiful

it’d be a crime to keep from others.


Walk with me please,

I’ll show you

Love’s True Color.

Jess Words



Ray of Light

Hello there, beautiful little ray of light.

May I share with you, myself?

I’ve been searching quite a long time for this feeling,

that I’ve felt.

So unbelievable, that it’s true.

Somehow, as I walked along

I stumbled into loving, all the shades of you.


Can I show you where I’m hurting?

Pour my soul into your hands?

I really hope they’re good, I hope you understand.

I’m trusting you, although appearance says beware.


¡Escúchame! My sweet little ray, espere por favor.

I’ll only give you glimpses, until I’m fairly sure.

Do you know how much I love you

for being all the spark I needed

through the dark? For the clearing of my heart.

From the rest you stood apart.


Infectious, the way I crave your presence. Your essence.

Imagine basking in the sun as it peeks

through leaves on forest trees.

Or how it would feel, to lay silently in space

watching our spirits play. They sing the perfect melody.

Somewhere deep beneath the roots of me,

You understand inherently.

Loving me, means, setting me free.

Second-4/12-The Game of Love-Aubreé Pynn



Betrayal, pain, and shame have entangled themselves in Brielle and Julian’s marriage.

Instead of crying and waiting for Julian to come to his senses, Brielle realizes that love is a game. A game that requires the best man to win. Stepping out on an adventure, Brielle dives head first into trouble. Disguised as a gentle and caring spirit, Brielle is played in the worst way.

While Brielle is stewing in her shame, Julian has troubles of his own. He is quickly learning that love doesn’t play fair and he is losing miserably. With the two of them hitting rock bottom, they have no one else to turn to but each other.

Will their shame and raw truth pull them back together or separate them for good? Find out in The Game of Love.


While he stared in the distance, he spotted a group of women laughing amongst themselves strolling through the crowd of people. He’d seen them before separately and never thought that they knew each other. But looking at them now, Julian could see that they went well together. The shorter petite one was the one he couldn’t take his eyes off of. Her caramel skin beamed hues of yellows and gold as the sun’s rays danced over it. Her smile was wide and her perfect white teeth were a great match. Julian had a pet peeve about straight teeth so already she was in the top running. His eyes trailed from her perfect dimpled smile to the books she was cradling against her body. She was a perfect size, perfect build, he couldn’t have fantasized this any better. She wore a basic off the shoulder white t-shirt and jean shorts with a pair of pink sandals on her white pedicured toes. Studying her like his biology finals outline he grunted lowly feeling his dick thump against his shorts.

“Damn,” Kwame grunted looking in the same direction that Julian was staring helplessly in. “Now, that’s what I’m talking about.”

Kwame’s eyes roamed up and down the thicker friend. She had toasted caramel skin, big hair, and bigger hips. Just like he liked his women, thicker than a snicker.

Julian stood to his feet like he was in a trance he couldn’t break himself out of.  “Woah, woah. Calm down, tiger.” Kwame stuck his arm out to stop Julian from taking a step further and ruining both of their reputations by stepping to them first. “They’re coming this way. Chill, chill, chill.”

Julian licked his full rosewood lips and kept his eyes locked on his target. He sat back down on the top of the bench and watched as the group parted ways with one girl and started their pursuit again. The beauty that Julian was fixated on stopped once more to look at him. Reaching out to tap her friend’s arm and point to his direction, her friend raised her brow and rolled her eyes. He couldn’t hear what they were saying but from the looks of it, they were fussing amongst themselves about walking over to the bench. Julian’s prey grabbed her friend by the hand and drug her over to Kwame and Julian.

“Listen, when they get over, play it cool. Don’t start acting like…well you know yourself,” Kwame mumbled as the girls approached him. “The one with the thick ass thighs is mine. She looks like she tastes like a tropical fruit platter with a side of caramel. You know I got a sweet tooth.”

Third-4/22-Gumbo-Aliada Duncan



Gumbo: Potent Poetry And Parables invites you into a world of words rippled with poetic passion. Thought provoking and riveting, your reader senses will tingle and come alive with this potent page turner. Tapping into ethereal emotions one word at a time, this collection of poetry is seasoned with the right ingredients. Your mental taste buds will sizzle with these poems and parables. Uncompromised and unusual; spirituality, relationships, erotica, identity, history and stories are bonded together in this body of written artistry. This is a divine manuscript for the mystic mind. A recipe that’s filled with tantalizing twists and tales, you’ll feel this supernatural sensation on the tip of your tongue.

Today’s Forecast

“Today’s forecast—

Mostly cloudy with a high chance of agony

With precipitation at 100%

Raining down misery

Better get your raincoats folks—

It’s going to be a reign of anguish

Humidity at about 75%

You can’t beat this hell of heat

Pain on repeat

Accompanied by winds at 15 miles per hour

Blowing in some bitterness

I suggest you stay inside—

You don’t want this shit”


Be on the look out for more sneak peeks of these releases coming your way soon!


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