Hey, beauty!

Tomorrow Jess Words returns with All The Shades of You and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



I’ve been running all my life from love that

makes me foolish.

I’m grinning and smiling.

Air headed and clueless.

Who’s this?


I gave my Warmest Regards

to lost love.

Giving of the utmost gratitude

to the process of healing.

All The Shades of You

got me sailing oceans of new feelings.


So I took paper to pen.

Bled the ink of my thoughts for you.

Packaged it in poetry so beautiful

it’d be a crime to keep from others.


Walk with me please,

I’ll show you

Love’s True Color.

-Jess Words




He said we were a match made in hell.

Well, one man’s hell…

I say I can be your manna

More satisfying than water in the desert

If that’s what you want to let me be to you

it’s all about the picture you create

They’re saying I’m sprung

They haven’t seen me smile like this in a while

Really it’s because you let my devilish side run wild

The woman who doesn’t want to be good

Just debased in the basest of ways

Really how much more can I say

Strip me of my purity

Let me run free

I’ve given you permission to push me to the boundaries

Then kick me over

Drown me til it’s over

Til we can’t say hi or bye

Any longer

And I want nothing else to do with you

And we’re run through

And the course has played its safest bet

Lets still be cordial

Lets still be friends

Lets still say hi and bye, hope to see you again

Even though you know every curve, every bend


It feels like home

If home is the escape from every where else in the world.

Losing time inside, beside

your favorite girl.


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