Hey, beauty!

Tomorrow Aubreé Pynn returns with The Game of Love and we have one final sneak peek to share with you!



Betrayal, pain, and shame have entangled themselves in Brielle and Julian’s marriage.

Instead of crying and waiting for Julian to come to his senses, Brielle realizes that love is a game. A game that requires the best man to win. Stepping out on an adventure, Brielle dives head first into trouble. Disguised as a gentle and caring spirit, Brielle is played in the worst way.

While Brielle is stewing in her shame, Julian has troubles of his own. He is quickly learning that love doesn’t play fair and he is losing miserably. With the two of them hitting rock bottom, they have no one else to turn to but each other.

Will their shame and raw truth pull them back together or separate them for good? Find out in The Game of Love.


Brielle Harris

Brielle still hadn’t digested everything that happened at his birthday party. After learning about Julian’s affair, she shut down, any time she would attempt a conversation she thought about how many times they talked until the sun came up and his mind was elsewhere. She’s isolated herself from healing and submerged herself into a dark lonely space. She hadn’t reached out to Nadia since the petty blow up a few weeks ago. Brielle didn’t want to admit that she needed her girls to help her through this.

Pushing her hair out of her face, she pulled her visor down and opened the flap of the mirror and looked at her tired eyes. She hadn’t gotten much sleep without Julian in the bed with her. He agreed to give her space after she asked for it, he reluctantly moved into the guest bedroom. At this point, she was feeling like she had a roommate and not a husband. When she felt the urge to beg him to come back to their bed and make things right, she would think about his deceitful actions and decided against it.

Without a doubt, Julian had broken her in the worse way. Her fear was knowing why he did it. Just thinking about how he betrayed her trust was more than she could process. The overwhelming feeling it invoked in her was enough to make her go crazy. She was making massive attempts not to scream, throw things and lose her mind. Up until this point, she thought their marriage was perfect so why now? Why carry on an entire relationship behind her back? The questions were endless.

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